A Beautiful Morning

in nature •  6 months ago

Currently in My Neighborhood

Park1 (2).JPG

I went for a walk in a local park with my dog yesterday morning.


Love the sparkles on the water!



I used to bring my children to this park when they were young, about 20 years ago, and we would feed the ducks bread.
The geese were obnoxious and aggressive and would try to grab the bread out of our hands and not let the ducks have any!

The geese and ducks were totally oblivious to me and my doggie yesterday, since I didn't bring any bread with me!
It's probably better if no one feeds them bread anyway - that way they aren't dependent on people!


May 31,2018
All original photos taken on my Canon PowerShot

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Very pretty place for a walk.

Sometimes I am not always in the mood to take Little Bit for her walk but once I get out am always glad I did. Just in the neighborhood I find lots of pretty things to appreciate.

We snapped a picture of this guy waddling down the street a few nights ago. We had just had a big rain and out he comes.



Haha, that's so funny when ducks are in front of houses and streets after a rain - they just get confused!

Excelente rflexión, es bueno que no dependan de la gente y sobrevivan en su ambito natural. Aunque es hermoso, ver a los niños alimentándolos, eso desarrolla su habilidad para compartir. Gracias por las fotos son hermosas. Un gran saludo.


¡Oh sí, y mis hijos se divirtieron mucho alimentándolos! ¡Gracias por tus cumplidos!

The geese and ducks were totally oblivious to me and my doggie yesterday, since I didn't bring any bread with me!

Hahaha but that's not fair enough as they were seriously looking up to you and your doggie for something.
Next time, use one sbd to get them something good haha


Haha, okay I'll consider it!


Thanks for the consideration.

This is too weird! I saw your photo of the water and I said to myself, "I love those sparkles on the water", then I read what you wrote LOL!!! AWESOME!

wow such a beautiful place. that park looks awesome. great to play with your dog or just chillin with a good book. great pictures.

I guess those geese will be on their way up north soon. They usually have a feisty personality.

I also love to take pictures while on walk in the hood! Thanks for your sharing with us!



Haha, nice!


I love all wild bird inlude duck, I'm very happy when I meet with them :)

they are loyal friends

Geese can indeed be a little pushy with that kind of thing. Loved that purple tree, Violet:)


Thank you, I need to identify those purple flowers!

Beautiful pictures,next time please go with some bread for the geese and ducks......continue giving them that special treat.

Great photos @violetmed, you always capture something special. It's simply beautiful


Thank you so much!

My god, this is incredible! Should I invite myself to visit? :D

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they live in a park you don't feed them they starve...


No, they just eat the bugs and plants that they are supposed to it!