A Beautiful Golden Retriever

in nature •  5 months ago


Here is a beautiful golden retriever that I helped pet sit last week.


My mom has a pet sitting business and since she was super busy and I had some time, I drove over to the family's house for 8 days to feed and take care of this sweet dog and another golden retriever.



He has the sweetest disposition and is very well trained.

Have a Blessed Day!


July 3, 2018
All original photos taken by me

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You lucky, girl:) Getting to spend time with such a glorious creature:) Never met a golden retriever that wasn't full of love:):):) If you get another chance to spend time with him, get some pats in for me:):):)


Will do! 😊

howdy again @violetmed! ya know, I just wrote a post about hero dogs and I noticed that most of them were Golden Retrievers! what a wonderful breed and this one is indeed beautiful..what a tough assignment you had! lol God bless!


Haha, I know. I fell in love with this dog! This family sent him to a dog trainer and he was a good student. :)


beautiful! thank you @violetmed.

a very good post with a very interesting picture ,,, I like your post and I will wait your next post @violetmed
regards perkenlan @muktariza011095

What a sweet looking dog. He doesn’t look like he would be a lot of trouble. 🐓🐓