And in St. Petersburg today is winter ....

in #nature2 years ago


I looked out the window in the morning - winter, the snow is quite a lush layer. Okay, I think in two hours everything will melt. While digging around household chores, the sun looked out. And time to leave the house.
Only +2 outside, the sun is shining, and the snow does not melt.


So she went down the snowy path to work. Just like in the verses: frost and sun are a wonderful day.
And yesterday in St. Petersburg during the day all types of precipitation fell: rain, fine hail, snow ..... It was so gray and uncomfortable, everything was melting and underfoot, and the wind blew off the hood.


And the day before yesterday, there was still autumn in St. Petersburg, and maybe the end of "Indian summer." The sun was slightly warm, there was almost no wind and no rain. Only somewhere far away clouds began to gather. Apparently, in them that winter and accumulated their strength.




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