Hi folks,If you visit Riviera Maya Mexico you will see this sea life.

in nature •  2 years ago 

I used a Gp camera to get this shots i never get to Close to the whales,turtles or any other species to respect their space also i dont use any sunblock at all when i get in the Ocean.

Me getting ready to snorkel and get some shots!

                                                                                                         HERE WE GO I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT.

This is me going into the depths of the caribbean sea.

Here we have a fan coral reef is a lovely purple color which is one of my favorite colors.

A Green turtle this photo was taken in a place called Akumal wich means the place of the turtles is a Mayan name.

Here is a Pacific whale shark the biggest shark in the world is amazing to swim around them not touching and no sunblock also always respecting their own space no to close!

Here a stingray very pacific i always enjoy to see them but with respect and away.

I hope you enjoy this shots i Took from the Mayan Riviera where the nature speaks by itself and if your coming let me know!

                             THANK YOU 4 WATCHING
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