Beautiful scenery on the beach of the lights in Aceh Big

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 I like to go to the beach in the afternoon because the beauty of twilight is one of the natural beauty that we can enjoy in every day.

In addition we also enjoy the waiter who is looking for fish, let alone a very beautiful atmosphere make us happy. I myself was very happy to go to the beach.

Enjoying the beauty of this Lampuuk Beach There is much we can do while on this beach, from swimming, surfing, even some sports or water activities such as banana boats are available at this location. So you can enjoy a fairly complete vacation when in Lampuuk Beach.

How beautiful is Lampuuk Beach? especially if we look at it directly. Perfect Perfect beach. This beach is filled by teenagers and even adults in the late afternoon.

Up here I was talking about Lampuk Beach in Aceh Big, indonesia. Hopefully this article useful for you all.

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Aceh beaches are indeed beautiful, I hope I can go there again :D

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Saya pernah dengar tentang lampuuk dan pantai lhoknga... Mohon informasi lebih lanjut tantang paitai lhoknga dan lampuuk...

What a look like of this place @urlme

Wonderful photo. I love indonesia

Beautiful beach. It's just less attention from the government

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Beautiful nature.

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