Beach Photography #1 : Nature was created so perfectly

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I like to go to the beach in the afternoon because the beauty of twilight is one of the natural beauty that we can enjoy in every day.

This Alue dragon beach has a stunning beauty. This beach also has a magnificent beauty as well as with a comfortable beach atmosphere from the disturbance of wild animals.

The charm of such a beautiful beauty will make you feel at home and do not want to leave this beach. Especially for you who want to travel to this beach then you will not regret to see the charm of this beach beauty. There is a clear and clean water that will accompany you during a trip on this beach.

Dusk is always present with a million beauty, for those of us who love the beauty of nature, the arrival of twilight is a time that we will always wait for its presence.

Alue Naga Beach at the location in banda aceh, indonesia. You guys like to the beach not? definitely like right? want to see a beautiful sunset not? If you are in Banda Aceh nie yaa, you can see it in Alue Naga Beach, and for those of you who are outside Banda Aceh City, if you take a trip to Banda Aceh do not forget to enjoy the beautiful view of Alue Naga Beach in time afternoon.

How beautiful is Alue Dragon Beach? especially if we look at it directly. Perfect Perfect beach. This beach is filled by teenagers and even adults in the late afternoon.

Up here I was talking about Alue Naga Beach Banda Aceh City. Hopefully this article useful for you all. Thanks


@urlme lokasi dimna ne bang bagus pemandangan nya.. di banda kah,,? lampuuk

alue naga di banda aceh bang

1 think it's a beautiful nature Indonesia the world

La verdad es que Indonesia es muy linda, y todo el mundo lo sabe. Saludos

lage nyo foto pih that jai awak upvote 😂

terima kasih bang

Pemandangan alam pantai yang sangat indah @urlme, pengambilan foto yang sangat profesional. Terimakasih sudah berbagi. Salam sukses.

terima kasih atas supportnya, itu membuat saya semangat menulis

bagus sekali fotonya.........

Hamparan pantai yang sungguh luar biasa, dengan konsep tumbuhannnya yang seakan berkata "angin saja wajib singgah" apalagi kita sebagai insan yang butuh kesejukan dan kedamaian jiwa dengan menikmati pesona pantainya.

terima kasih, kata-katanya bagus

🙏 Tahap belajar di esteem, butuh dukungan dari para senior.

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wooow good beach. ı like your photos. congratulation

thanks, hope you like my photos

WoW that sunset behind those hills and those trees on left looks like painting from my childhood, Really beautiful place to visit. Thanks for Sharing 🤗

I wish if you could visit my blog also, as I am new that's why I am approaching like this, Please comment your feedbacks 🤗


Well, I'll visit your blog

Nice, I couldn't agree with you more.

well, maybe you have some suggestions or criticism and i will fix for next post's really amazing.thanks for sharing your experience. keep it up.over all just wow

thanks. I am excited you are visiting on my blog

Why nature call mother

Gambar yang indah unik banget bagus kawan lanjutkan

terima kasih kawan

silau mata harinya membuat suasanya jadi indah sekali, luar biasa... terus berkarya,

terima kasih kak @syareefa10
iya saya terus berkarya, bagi saya kualitas artikel adalah raja

Bagi tips dong, biar banyak yang upvote @urlme terimakasih

Very nice pict, sunset from alue naga in aceh, i like that

Very nice post

Very Beautiful!

Güzel 🤗

So beautiful..I hope I can go there in the future..

beautiful beach brother, i like this pic :) @urlme , please vote up me too

that's good.

What a beautiful scene created as the tired sun retires to its unseen domain and leaving the cold and lonely beach with nothing but beauty as it bids it goodnight.
That was a powerful piece there with an incredible photo which perfectly describes the author's intent even before it is revealed.

Yeah absoulutely correct, Nature was and nature is created so perfect, these scenes are just eye catching to watch,

Is beautifully sunset and nice place to see is in alue naga beach

Nice spot brother.
Bisa nih sesekali ane kesana

Long pike buno pantai trienggadeng.. karap mirip. Good post. Salam steemit aceh.

get, nyoe pantai alue naga bang

great view bro @urlme

Alue naga memang tempat yang indah dan disinilah saya dulu pernah menikmati sunset yang sangat indah dan menenangkan jiwa yang sedang galau...salam sukses...

Mohon izin di restem di ya...

Sangat bagus...

ma kasih kak

Aceh Lon Sayang, Visit Aceh 🛬

Mantap that adun, terus melahirkan post post yg bagus

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Allah is the best creator guy....
including we as human being

Cahaya senja yg begitu indah... saya anggota baru steemit... minta pencerahan dong supaya bisa gabung sama kalian

hallo brother... i'm alungrey... followback my steemit account..

Amazing post

Readable article but you have to focus on your English Grammar.

True. Nature is man's greatest asset. It should be highly appreciated, loved and preserved.

Mantap nyan bg..

Wow, you just made me remember my trip to Indonesia, visited alu dragon once... Looking forward to going again... Please guys follow me here on steemit

Benar sekali, karena yang menciptakan alam pun adalah zat yang sempurna pula

Nice shot.......

Satu kata!! Mempesona. .

It's good to be at beach to feel the scorching sun
The angry waves
And most of all to experience the power of nature

Very beautiful landscape of nature. I want to come to your beach :))

mantap luar biasa

Bisakah ajarin saya dalam mengepost seperti anda. Yang Upvote nya banyak gitu. Apakah ada trik nya. Saya baru bergabung dengan steemit........?

Neu vote follow [email protected]

Nice pick!!!
Salem Steemit Aceh

@urlme wow the beach and this view looks breath taking. Will make sure to put this destination on my bucket list. Excellent photograghy by the way.

Lovely picture

Postingan yang sangat cantik dan indah..
Saya sangat menyukai postingan anda...
Kita harus mempromosikan alam aceh ke dunia steemit...
Follow [email protected]

Been there many times and never get bored of it. Thanks for sharing @urlme great sunset shot. Salute.

dude beauty of beach, reminds me one fof my backyard beach called San Luis, here in Cumaná, Venezuela. I'll add a pic of it so you can proof they are similar.20141002_125655.jpg
Sorry only ride, because I can not play so, if friends like my post in the vote yes, I am very grateful to a friend who vote

wonderfull aceh, visit aceh, and any more, ok, follow me back,thank's