Phessy is back in the layby.

in nature •  11 months ago

This is the third year that this splendid pheasant has returned to this layby, and last year he had three mates, and managed to raise a few chicks with them. He's wearing his nice new spring mating clothes at the moment, and he is on his own. I'm sure that won't be for long though. He's a bit cautious at the moment, so it isn't too easy to get some decent pictures, but as soon as he attracts a couple of females, he'll become protective, and I'll be able to get some nice group shots.

This is the layby next to his home, and you can just see him in the middle of the picture

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I like it so much your pictures! :)


I keep looking out for him, but I haven't seen him for a week or so. The layby is getting busy, so he may have given up, and moved into the woods.