A global plot to kill nature

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There is a global plot - I have yet to fully research who is behind it - but all nations seem to be buying into what I am calling - idiot-olgy - which is the killing of anything and everything that is NOT NATIVE TO THAT COUNTRY. Their word is the more polite - eradicating - anything that is not native - animal, mineral or vegetable - this means - birds, insects, plants, everything.

One of the ways they seem to be doing this - is by dropping deadly poisons that not only kill rats but anything that eats, nibbles or drinks from puddles that contain these deadly baits - when tipped into oceans - as these poison baits often are - whales, dolphins, seals, penguins, fish - sea slugs and anything else that might eat them can be found washed up dead on beaches - their carcasses can be eaten by dogs who then sucumb to what is called secondary poison - dogs are very susceptible to these poisons - humans can also get secondary poisoning by eating fish that has eaten the baits - or wild game that has eaten the baits

In my country, New Zealand, eating poisoned game meat has now become a real possibility and​ an incredible danger.

One of the global organisation responsible for this sorry state of affairs is called The International Union for conservation for nature - its been around since the late 40s and now many governments follow its objectives but do they know that many member states are causing irreparable​ harm to not only their ecosystems but also their wildlife


There is also a​ subgroup​ - it is called the ISSG - The Invasive Species Specialist - and it publishes its newsletter Aliens: The Invasive Species Bulletin bi-annually. It provides interesting and timely information on invasive species and associated issues.

How I​ wonder did 'alien' species​ get onto the planet in the first place and who determines what is 'alien'

Then there is also The Convention on Biological Diversity ( CBD ) - The Convention has three main goals including ​the conservation of biological diversity (or biodiversity); the sustainable use of its components; and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from genetic resources.

In other words, its objective is to develop national strategies for the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity. It is often seen as the key document regarding sustainable development.


But what these nice feel-good​ terms actually translate to in the real world is death - death to all non-native species a​ cruel​ and prolonged death an inhumane death.

In New Zealand and Hawaii - tons of poison is being dropped on islands under the guise of killing predators to protect the native birds - manufactories warnings state do not tip into water or dangerous to aquatic life - but this is disregarded and is spread into water supplies and the sources of rivers and waterways including - in the case of islands - the ocean.

These poisons are thrown onto the land and into the water by helicopter and whenever​ they enter the ocean there is always deaths of marine life from whales through to seals and everything​ in between​

When officials are confronted by concerned​ people that seabirds​ are dying after poison drops - officials​ say​y oh it doesn't matter they are non-natives!!!

Some of these poisons are insecticides that poison the insects on the forest floor that are then the meals for birds to feed their babies


Rachel Carson's​ silent spring may soon be a world reality


After baits were dropped on an Island in Hawaii dead fish turn up - but um err - officials​ don't know what killed them !!


then there is this article pointing to the real possibility​ of poisoned whales


As a humanity can we continue to turn a blind eye to organisations​ such as this advocating for the death of non-native​ species and using poison that causes nasty and prolonged deaths - it is cruel and inhumane.

Habitat​t loss is the main reason why nations are losing​ their wildlife​ - but the answer seems to avoid looking at that because humans need the land for industry for urban sprawl - and lets instead focus on killing​ - oops - eradicating​ all non-native​ species - animal - mineral - vegetable with deadly poison that persists​ in the environment​t

There is a war on nature and we need to be aware of it now!​

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