It is raining af but we are in the forest making breakfast.

in nature •  last year 

We are under a big tarp and it is super cozy.


In the south of Norway, on a mountain.
Breathing in fresh air while listening to the heavy raindrops falling on the tarp we are sitting under. The forest Is so majestically enjoying the rain after the warmest summer in Norway ever recorded.


We will wait some hours for a hold up in the rain before we put up our tipi. For now we are just cooking an awesome vegan breakfast outside and enjoying the nature.

"Love me most when I deserve it the least, because that is when I need it most."



@xtetrahedron and Umulius on another adventure. :3

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We were driving in Russian Karelia many years ago, when we passed a poster advertising rabbits for sale. We stopped, and like ten minutes later we had a freshly slaughtered and skinned rabbit that we intended to eat for dinner. We found a nice spot to put up the tent, we tried to make a fire, but to our surprise all the wood in that forest was wet and rotten. On the top of that it started raining heavily.

I'm a bit proud that despite the bad wood and the rain we managed to create and maintain a fire and grill the rabbit.

A gapahuk-solution like yours would have been a lot better than a tent in such a situation.

lol Nordic hippies.

Awesome... we stay in a teepee here on Lake Superior in Canada

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That is the best!

Yes... we love it.