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The more time I have right now to go through old photos from my world adventures, the more I realize just how many photo opportunities I am exposed to when in Antarctica. I am somewhat surprised that I am even able to put down the camera from time to time and not take a single shot for almost a whole day down there.

It is true! I remember there have been at least 2 whole days where I didn't take a single shot whilst working down on the Antarctic peninsula. It was for 2 reasons - the first and main one was the weather was really bad, with a heap of snow, rain and wind, which didn't make me want to risk getting my camera out and potentially damage it. The other reason, I wanted to try to be more in the moment and not be staring through the camera. Either way, I find it to be quite a delicate balance of when to take a photo and when to put the camera down and just enjoy the moment that is simply going to pass, as they all eventually do.

However, I am personally glad I took my camera out and took this photo of a humpback whale foraging around large icebergs that were much larger than our ship we were on exploring Antarctica, which at times I find very difficult to properly explain to people, as they never react the way I expect them too. Its a huge piece of solid ice, you can't just nod and say "that sounds big" in a calm manner... Anyhowz, it was cool and here is a photo that came from that encounter

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I also feel the same, when holding my camera, I am afraid that I am going to lose the moment.

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