Running away from a male grizzly

in #nature5 years ago

It is a tough world for bears. I have spent a lot time recently in grizzly bear sanctuaries of late, locating and interacting with these huge mammals. One thing that I have a complete respect for is their power and ability to charge at high speeds without a moments warning. This became very apparent to me when I encountered a female grizzly along the shoreline of the sanctuary and her attention was not on me but on the tree line above her. She seemed very focused and became a little anxious and before long a large male grizzly came into view and began to wander towards the shoreline.

This was all the female grizzly bear needed to spring her into a full sprint at high speed, which was beyond impressive to say the least. Luckily for me, I was in a zodiac away from the shoreline in no danger and also ensuring that I was far enough away to not add to your stress level and anxiety, as it always is a tough world for bears

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