but they eat mostly krill not penguins

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Leopard seals have the reputation of being a fearless predator, hunting for other animals, such as, penguins and other seal species, which have been documented numerous times. However, the main part of their diet for the majority of the year is actually krill, which does come as a surprise to a lot of people the first time they here such a thing. It is true though, these fearless, apex predators spend most of their lives feeding on the crustacean known as krill, which actually is the foundation of the food web down in the southern waters of Antarctica.

Even though, these predators have no fear towards humans and what could be considered as curious behaviour towards small vessels can quickly turn to an aggressive behaviour without warning. They are to be interacted with high caution, as they are massive and can quite easily pop zodiac air tubes, which can be a tad intimidating for those on board thus zodiac. One thing is for sure though, they are amazing to watch and take photos of when you get the chance to encounter these stunning and dangerous mammals of the southern ocean.

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Thank you, I found your post very interesting.

Whales nom krill so not surprising that smaller predators would too :) And they're still cute even if they are dangerous XD

Love this photo of yours!