who is watching who?

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We all know that penguins are quite adorable and do make most people feel a little happier just by seeing a photo of one. This would be why when I need a little pick me up and coffee doesn't seem to be doing the trick I flick through a few of these photos to help just boost the happy mood lingering just below the surface. I do believe these animals have to be one of the most popular animals in the world.. well, besides whales.. 😊

As a result, a lot of people are beyond excited when they first encounter these birds in their natural habitat. The hours will simply fly by, as you are overwhelmed by their presence.

Adelie penguin about to take bit of a leap
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However, no matter how excited some people are to simply get a view or close encounter with these adorable flightless birds but these animals are also at times just as excited and intrigued by our presence. Hence this cute little photo of an Adelie penguin staring at some strange yellow looking, large penguins walking past and whom seem a tad oblivious that they are being watched. Funny but true when you are interacting with penguins at their breeding colonies.

Whom is watching who?
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aww penguins are just as curious as we are. Nature is fascinating, those are really adorable creatures, thanks for posting these pictures I really enjoyed them.


my pleasure! I am glad that you enjoyed my post 😊

I'm watching ;)

Penguins are so sweet! I've never watched one, but I would like it!


I would highly recommend it but you would have to travel away from your beautiful country and its amazing beaches to see them... 😜

Man do I love penguins. They're like tiny dudes on suits. I could even consider them one of my favorite animals and I think I've never seen one in person!!