My venus flytraps caught some bugs

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Hello everyone it's teenagecrypto and today my venus flytraps caught some bugs. So usually I feed them myself but a few days ago I was looking to feed them so I went to my grandparents house and caught some bugs. Once I got home I looked down and was like wasn't that mouth open. So I picked it up and a little fly was trapped in there. So I was like wow and let the other bugs go. I fed it a jumping spider a few days ago and the two other traps caught a fly yesterday. Now I have to wait 7-11 days for it to digest it.

If you look at the pictures closely you can see the flower is still growing. Right now no new plants are growing because all the energy is going into the flower. Once the bugs are digested i will take pictures of what is left over if you all want me to. I was also thinking of running another contest soon on hive. So be prepared for that. Once I hit 1000 subs on youtube I will be giving away alot of fun things as well as tokens. To my beer fans I will be giving away beer to the first commenter on this post.

My b-52 still hasn't arrived due to some issues but once it is received I will post up on it. I think these walmart flytraps are great and seem to be doing well. Tell me what you guys and gals think about it. Next time you go to Walmart will you pick one up? Once I earn a lot of hive in the future I will make my own tokens and share them with everyone. I don't know what they will be called but something will be figured out.

Thanks for stopping by 😀

Yours truly, teenagecrypto