Stop at the Dead Sea to rest.

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Hi, Steemit !!!

The Dead Sea is a hypersaline drainless lake, one of the most unique places on Earth. Did you know that the surface of the water and the shores of the Dead Sea are located 423 meters below sea level, which makes this place the lowest land area on Earth.






The Dead Sea is 9.6 times more salty than the ocean.

@ teddy2


Interesting information that I did not know and a beautiful place. : )

It is unique, but I can’t be there for more than five hours. It is almost always hot, there are almost no trees, the water does not cool, after the sea it is necessary to wash off the salt for half an hour.

Shade would help and so would refreshing water. Wow! There is that much salt on your body? I can't even imagine.

On the Dead Sea salt all around, without rubber shoes you can cut your feet and, God forbid, water gets into your eyes. On the shore in the water are fountains with fresh water, so that you can immediately wash your eyes.

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