Beauty of nature in the countryside of Thailand Part II

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countryside view6.jpg

Further to my previous post, today, I’ll show you photos of fruit trees in my friend’s garden in the countryside of Thailand.

I am as a fruit lover, one of my dream is to have a large garden with various kinds of fruits, so this garden can impress me very much.

Among the fruits in this garden, “dragon fruit” is my most favorite. It’s really wonderful for me to see plenty of them on the trees; I must admit that this was the first time that I saw the green and red fruits on the trees with my own eyes.

Yeah! These made me feel very excited. ;D

dragon fruit6.jpg

dragon fruit.jpg

dragon fruit9.jpg

dragon fruit1.jpg

dragon fruit2.jpg

dragon fruit5.jpg

dragon fruit3.jpg

dragon fruit4.jpg

Look at this couple red one! I saw them standing on their branch which almost touched the ground. At my first glance, I thought someone put them on the ground for some reasons! Ah! I can’t even believe my eyes!

My father’s friend reaped them and gave them to me. Um! They were yummy! It's great to eat them freshly directly from the tree in the garden. ;D

dragon fruit7.jpg

The mangoes in the below photos are the sweet ones that we eat with sticky rice. Now, they are still young with green color.

The tree is very high, so I can take the photo with the bright blue sky at the background.



countryside view22.jpg

If you can remember from my old post, I also have this kind of mango tree in my little garden.

I have two. In the below photo, you will see the progress of one of them..... Even though it cannot compare with the above one, I'm very proud of it and do hope that it can produce some sweet mangoes for me someday. ;)


In my friend’s large garden, you can see banana trees everywhere.

countryside view4.jpg

countryside view25.jpg

countryside view24.jpg

countryside view16.jpg

And the banana fruits are so big like these ones….



Coconut trees and papaya trees are very high. They produce a lot of coconut fruits and papaya fruits for my friend’s family to sell throughout the year. (The same as banana fruits)

countryside view.jpg

countryside view1.jpg

countryside view3.jpg

For the last set of photos, if you are my old friends, you may know that I never miss to take photos of flowers that I found.

The below photo is a flower of one kind of fruit, "water durian".... Ha ha! I'm not sure whether this is its correct name or not, but I think, this flower has very strange shape, so I would like to share the photo with you!


These yellow flowers are really gorgeous with bright color. There are plenty of them in front of the house.




Other flowers......


countryside view17.jpg

countryside view23.jpg

And, as you know, the WHITE flowers are the main focus for me, like these ones! ;D

(I have this kind of flower in my garden, too, but only a small one.)




Um! I came back home with happiness that day… I do hope that you like these photos, too..... ;))

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Lots of plants in this post are can be seen here too! Specially dragon fruit and that flowers! Nice photography of your countryside!


Ah! It's great to know that these plants can be seen in your country, too. I'm happy that you like the photos of my countryside. Thanks a lot! ;)

So this is how the dragon fruit plant looks like. Thanks for showing it to us.
I love the fruit so much, refreshing.
One can make a great drink out of it... but it's rather expensive too here.
Ooooh... I really wish to go to Thailand again...

Yeah! It's the first time that I saw the dragon fruit plant, too! Really amazing, right?

I love this fruit so much, too. I eat them freshly every day or make smoothies by mixing them with banana, or green apple, or kiwi, etc. Very tasty!

When you visit Thailand again, you can eat plenty of them or other fruits, for sure. Looking forward to welcoming all of you with pleasure! ;)

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Thank you very much! ;)

Wow! Wow! Wow! The dragon fruit and its tree is amazing! Is that a caterpillar I see in the first photo on the top left? That was so nice of your father's friend to give 2 of them to you. You can't get them any fresher than that. And, I never get tired of seeing the beautiful banana trees. Your mango tree is looking good and hope it does produce fruit for you. Why am I not surprised that you ended this post with white flowers? LOL! I really enjoyed these photos @tangmo! : )

WOW! I'm very excited to see your triple "WOW" for this post.... A million thanks for your "WOW" and for your nice comment.

Ah! We are true sister!!! You always know what I think and what I do.... ;D

I'm happy that you like my mango tree. I also do hope that I can eat them freshly directly from the tree in my own garden.

Yeah! The dragon fruit and its tree is really amazing and it's very yummy! I just ate them right now.... ;D

Oh! You had good eyes! Yes, that is a caterpillar. I just saw it when I uploaded the photo. At first, I would like to write about it in my article, but I changed my mind because I think, no one may notice it. But you did! Yeah! It's very big and beautiful... My father's friend didn't use any chemical in his garden! That's great, right?

Um! It's great to know that you enjoyed my photos.... ;)))

Yes @tangmo...we are true sisters! : ) Of course I noticed the caterpillar because I love them and because I look at your beautiful photos closely so that I can enjoy them. I especially loved seeing the dragon plant and fruit. Amazing! That is great that no chemicals were used in the garden. I wish everyone would stop using chemicals. Happy to hear that you enjoyed your fruit! : ) : ) : )

Yeah, my true sis! Oh! Again, I'm happy to hear that you looked at the photos closely and enjoyed them....

Ah! You're right! It's great that no chemicals were used in this garden. I wish everyone would stop using chemicals, too.

Many thanks again for your nice comment. ;))))

I love it flowers photos. excellent photography and looks like.
Thanks @tangmo
Have a nice day.

Thanks so much! I'm happy that you like the flowers and the photos.

Have a wonderful day! ;)

So many beautiful fruit trees, @tangmo . I love dragonfruit too... especially the purple kind :)

Many thanks! Ah! As far as I know, the purple dragonfruit is much more useful. But, for me, I like to eat the white one... ;)

Какая красота, глаз не оторвать. Столько там зелени!

Спасибо за фотографии, дорогой @tangmo

Thanks a lot for your nice comment and stopping by. (Oh! Sorry, but, I overlooked your comment at first!) I'm glad that you like the place. ;)

Nature there is so beautiful to look at wonderful to see :D

Thanks so much! I'm happy to hear that you like the nature in the countryside of Thailand, too. ;)

Beautiful pictures

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like them. ;)

Lovely pictures