The Birds I Hate

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Everybody loves chickens.

You love chickens. I love chickens. The whole world loves chickens.

And it isn't hard to see why. Chickens are small. Chickens are (mostly) gentle. And even if you have zero experience with livestock, you can spend an afternoon in the company of chickens without a lot of headaches. They're fun to watch and interact with. Apart from that, they also provide delicious meat and nutritious eggs.

Many people actually keep chickens, even in urban areas (local laws permitting). They make good hobby animals and can coexist with a variety of other pets.

Likewise, ducks are universally beloved.

They're adorably awkward. They're non-agressive. And the way they shake their little tails is just too precious. Ducks are therapeutic, which is why so many people feed them during a leisurely visit to the park.

I will never hate ducks, no matter how my life turns out.

And I am particularly fond of Hummingbirds. But then, who isn't?

Hummingbirds are so celebrated that there are bird feeders specifically designed to cater to them. And these feeders are often more popular than the traditional seed dispensers used for other birds.

The bright and shimmering plumage of male hummingbirds make them look like little flying brooches, and who wouldn't want to be visited by one of those?

Yes, there are many kinds of birds that we all love. Some are loved for their beauty, others for their usefulness. On the whole, birds are wonderful.

Oh, but there is more to this story. Among the rainbow of birds in this world, we find a few that are not so innocent. Some have earned the fear of many species, as talented and voracious predators. Others are a nuisance---as much a pest as any rodent. And some are simply detestable.

For today's post, I will reveal those among the Avian Class that have won my hatred, and memorialize that feeling here. It's not one of my usual topics, sure, but it needs to be said, because some crimes simply can't go unmentioned.


I resent the fact that owls present themselves as the wisest of all birds, knowing that particular honor could go to a number of other worthy contenders: ravens, crows, and African Grey Parrots, to name a few.

But, in some ways, it's appropriate for owls to be depicted---in a cartoonish fashion---as curiosities perched in a magician's study, surrounded by books.

This kind of image suggests, in its own misguided way, the owl's true nature as an eldritch creature of arcane prowess. Owls are primal killers invested with perverse talents. When a creature can suddenly change the number of toes it has, or turn its head entirely around on its neck, something seriously wrong is going on.

In nature, owls are apex predators. They fear nothing, but are feared by all.

The above footage was taken in Israel, and reveals an owl hunting eagles for food. The eagle that gets carried away can be safely presumed as eaten. Owls are horrifying.

And yet, I don't hate them.

Owls are killers, but only in the same way that nature itself is a killer. All their violence is done in the name of survival. Nothing about it is mean or cruel. It's just the food chain.

This is an important sticking point. All the birds that follow are worse than owls precisely because they do not share the owl's unfortunate necessity. From here on out, I list only birds that are unsympathetic.


Geese are monsters.

They present themselves as cousins to the much more beloved ducks, even going so far as to hide among these friendlier waterfowl. But make no mistake: they are vicious and wicked.

It is said that the dark lord Morgoth first created geese from captured ducks he locked in the deepest cells in the pits of Angband. There they were tortured and mutilated into the forms they assume today.

But they cannot hide their true nature for long. When a goose approaches, it is looking for a fight. Not content to simply wait for you to drop bread in front of them, they will try to take the whole loaf from you, even attacking should you give them an opening.

Children, in particular, can fall victim to a goose's brutality. They will peck, slap, and even ram young children, often without provocation.

They're only redeeming quality is the softness of their down, and that is gathered at great peril by anyone bold enough to reach under their wings.

I hate geese, and I wish for their destruction.

But there is one bird I hate even more.


Flying filth. Feathered rat. Eleventh plague of Egypt.

"I'll always be watching."

Call them what you will, they are the most detestable of all birds. They are unsanitary in the extreme, and they are often forced to confine themselves to rooftops and parapets, as there is no earthbound species that will suffer their presence.

And you can always tell when they are near. Unlike other birds that only chirp when communicating, a pigeon's asthmatic rasping sounds with every breath. You'll be sitting on your couch, minding your own business, and you'll hear one wheezing at your window, staring at you.

They only thing they give to the world is their excrement. And that piles up in the most inconvenient of places. In particular, they love to defecate on ancient houses of worship, in contempt of all that is good and holy.

As carriers of lice and worms, pigeons are a danger to other birds. They live as parasites on human society and breed like flies.

I hate pigeons. I hate them enough to wish that genetic engineers would invent the one creature that can eradicate them: the cat snake.

Apparently, I am not the only one, as a simple Google search of "Cat Snake" brought up several relevant images.

Imagine a future where a pigeon's last moments include seeing a cat's jaws unhinge, and a bottomless throat open up to consume them. Maybe I shall see it happen in my day. If not, then I must content myself with hating pigeons (particularly the ones that hang out on my balcony; seriously, I cannot even step outside anymore).

It's Your Turn

Those are the birds I hate. Do you agree with my assessment? Did I neglect to mention any detestable species of birds?

If so, then please leave a comment detailing which birds are the most odious, and I will be sure to avoid them in the future.

Until they manage to invent cat snakes, that is.

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the chicken provides a good source of food both with the eggs and their meat, it is very good to have a chicken and chicken farm to take advantage of it.

Wow....another wonderful and interesting ideas by @talanhorne sir....
Smart and uncommon ideas...
Wel done and perfect work sir...
I'm really like and respect ur ideas...

I assure you I have never seen Goose mouth before! This is scary and much more scary than Shark's mouth! Yeah feeling like I have seen a monster there :D Great article from you again bro!


chicken very much ,,, and very healthy

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Exceptional good writing & outstanding figures you highlighted about these creatures...!!!

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Totally agree with you, my friend and your assessments of each bird have their reasons. Take for example pigeons, from them some problems with their droppings which can be found in all places and no good, but chickens, this is another matter and there are many pluses for a person! Thank you @talanhorne

You're a good knowledge person about writing and it's very difficult.
Your job is excellent Blog.
Thanks @talanhorne
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Wow... your bird’s collection is really amazing....ducks are so cute and innocent..and birds gif is amazing...I am quite surprised to see the Cat snake ... thanks for sharing the amazing gift of nature ....

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I love to follow naturalize things indeed birds, animals, trees etc... These birds like as roosters,owls, geece and Pigeons valuable information giving @talanhorne.

@talanhorne, Such a valuable gift giving today to us by you. Nice words of birds and finally shared crazy animations. Made me laugh much. Thanks to inspiration.

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Lol, this was an amazing post about all kinds of beautiful birds. I love Hummingbirds, especially when they dance in front of their loved once. The video of owl 🦉 is unbelievable. This small eagle didn’t expect it at all. Honestly, I have no love for pigeons either, especially when I have to wash our backyard every week after what they leave there.

Very informative writting @talanhorne.
I also love chicken and its my favorite.
Cat gif really funny.@talanhorne
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I loves chickens.Wonderful writting @talanhorne
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About chickens like you rightly said, everyone loves them.
I love them too, but for the sweetness of their delicacy though, i dont care if they're gentle or not. Oh am so mean!! Lol
Well, you forgot the vulture because am sure you must truly hate the bird.
I hate its bald nature and generally everything about that filthy carcass eater.

hai @ talanhorne. i also hate some birds. i hate them because i am afraid. they hurt me like eagles, owls, crows, they are frightening to me. i love tetspi animal lovers not on those three birds. i am also afraid there is a snake. seldom bites me. says is very menyarsnkan ands @ talanhorne to be careful against snakes. because they have a lethal fluid.sukss for you @ talanhorne

Hopefully the love of animals remains good, because it is fitting for our fellow creatures to love each otherhopefully the love of animals remains good, because it is fitting for our fellow creatures to love each other

  ·  last year (edited)

I hate pigeons. I hate them enough to wish that genetic engineers would invent the one creature that can eradicate them: the cat snake.

Agree! I love the catsnake. Never would have imagined this one. You must have a great imaginary skill. Owls are an amazing hunters with exceptional night vision. Look at this video, it’s amazing to watch. I like be chicken 🍗 on my plate lol

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Hey @talanhorne
I think we both love feeding animals. Your seagull feeding just remembered me of my summertime when I used to feed fishes at our fish farm. I don't know what kind of satisfaction it gives but I always felt relaxed after feeding them. You won't believe I used to wake up at 5:00 AM and go to our farm for fish feeding.

Ever since I was little, I've loved birds. During my trip to Houston, Texas I was excited when we decided to revisit one of my favorite things to do when I visited as a kid -ride the free ferry! In Galveston, highway 87's "bridge" is actually the car-carrying ferry run by the department of transportation! There is at least one ferry running 24 hours a day going ferrying cars between Galveston Island and the Bolivar Peninsula. After the ferry departs, passengers are allowed to get off their vehicles and do some sight seeing or feed the birds off the back of the boat.

I agree with my assessment.I also hate little birds.
Thanks for sharing your thought and your writting.

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Really? You don't loved birds? Why didn't you mention that earlier Polebird? We all love birds!

Can I tell you... the last couple of days our little forest farm has been full of musical birds just jumping around and having a great time? I didn't realise they had been sleeping for months, but it's so exciting to hear them out and about! I love it so much!

Gulls, um, less so.. but I'm glad you had fun bird-whisperer!

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Yes sir,ducks adorably awkward. They're non-agressive. And the way they shake their little tails is just too precious and Ducks are therapeutic

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Hello @talanhorne,

Extraordinary good assessment & I'm suggesting Penguins into this list as well.


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I like all the birds. Pigeons certainly bring a lot of problems, in a city in a park on a bench it's not possible to sit crap, But when they fly in the sky in pairs, it's so beautiful

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i also love parrots

We must reconcile ourselves with the fact that some birds bring problems. But this ecosystem is nature, and there will not be birds that will destroy us insects pests. That's who I hate most of all is insects :)

Excellent review @talanhorne and you rationally pointed to all the advantages and disadvantages of birds. You are right, for us chickens and ducks are more pleasant, since they are calm creatures and from them great benefit for people. Street pigeons, this is a real scourge of cities and you can say they are like a weed from which only one garbage!

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Hahaha. I find this post amusing, why do you hate pigeons this much. Pigeons are cute and every birds excretes so why only point out pigeons.
Just to be honest I don't hate any animal or bird , I don't understand why should I. I don't get a genione reason for that.

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pigeons are beautiful birds and i love them as a pet.

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