Enjoying the Enchantment Area Tourism Tea Peak, Cisarua

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**.Hello steemian friend, good night all, how about your news today, I hope always good. Okay buddy on this occasion tonight I want to post the beauty of tea garden cisarua. **

**Peak tea plantation, Cisarua Bogor a comfortable place to relax and unwind from the hectic activity.
The access road path of tea plantation Peak is known to have the charm of beautiful natural scenery. Clean air and green nan beautiful, cool air without pollution with a calm atmosphere that can make our body can enjoy the peace during a vacation with family or relatives, **

**.Extensive expanse of tea plantations, with trekkig tracks for tea walking or mountain biking activities are evident among the tea plant squares arranged neatly from clutter. At sekiatran location seen pine trees that come to complement the natural beauty of tea plantations located in the hills peak Cisarua.
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