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"Ah! little prince, I understand, at last your little life is full of memory. Enjoying the mild sunsets has long been your only pastime. I found out this new detail on the fourth day in the morning when you told me: - I really like sunsets. Let's watch the sunset ... - But should we wait ... -What do you have to wait for? - Wait for the sun to go down. You were very surprised at first, then you laughed at yourself. And you said to me: - I keep thinking I'm home! Indeed. When it is noon in the United States, the whole world knows that in France the sun is setting. One minute flight to France would be enough for us to attend the sunset. Unfortunately, France is too far away. But on your little planet, it was enough to take your chair a few steps and watch the dusk whenever you wanted ... -One day I saw forty-three times the sun goes down! And a little while later you added: -You know ... when a man is sad then he likes sunsets ... "Were you so sad the day the sun went down forty-three times?" But the little prince did not answer."
The Little Prince .........
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

For me, the most beautiful sunset description ....🤗

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