Winter's Coming

in nature •  last year

This week on our farm it’s more obvious that the seasons are changing. The nights are getting colder and the hoses have been put away for the season. It takes longer to make sure each of the runs for the birds have fresh water as it means more trips inside to fill up the watering cans which adds time to my morning. So instead of waking up at 5 am my alarm goes off at 4 am now, which isn’t as bad as it sounds really. Since we turned our clocks back 4 am now is 5 am when we turn our clocks ahead in the spring so I am in essence just getting up at the same time I would in the warmer months.


It’s really peaceful outside at that time of the morning and I am surprised that I enjoy it so. There’s a quiet stillness about and sometimes I see a deer off in the woods. Well usually just a pair of eyes as it is still dark then and my flashlight doesn’t go back that far into the woods. But the deer as so used to seeing me about that they aren’t afraid of me. They’ll usually just stand where they are and watch me and I’ll stand there a minute of two and just watch them too.

It takes a lot of work to take care of all of our birds, but they are well worth the work.

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