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Good afternoon friends all this time I want to post some photos I have ignored using smartphone huawei nova 2i.

That's an awesome morning scene

About 40 minutes before sunrise ... but the light of dawn is so bright ...

This is the event in the month of Ramadan yesterday ..

! [IMG_20180604_054237.jpg] ()

! [IMG_20180604_054313.jpg] ()

! [IMG_20180604_054353.jpg] ()

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Selamat sore sahabat semua kali ini saya ingin memposting beberapa photo yang telah saya abaikan dengan menggunakan smartphone huawei nova 2i.

Yaitu pemandangan pagi yang luarbiasa

Sekitar 40 menit sebelum matahari terbit...namun cahaya fajar begitu terang ...

Ini peristiwa di bulan ramadhan kemaren..




Thanks you kawan follow me

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Good friend nice photography art for afternoon . Clear result for smartphone . All moments is very nice .

yes friends .. thank you ..

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