Eating Koh Chang Pizza with my Bird Friends

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Koh Chang, Thailand is known for its great wildlife and Mu Ko Chang National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in the country. I always try to connect with nature every day by way of animals and it's easier when you are actually surrounded by nature. I often think that we have to fight through a shield of systematic control just to reach our true power source of this realm, Mother Nature.

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We were at the Warabura Restaurant when I notice a bird was talking to me. As I continued eating our shrimp and vegetable stir-fry and observe the bird's communication. Sure enough, the bird was speaking to me so I decided to throw a piece of our pizza to make contact.

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The bird instantly accepted the pizza and invited some of its friends. We enjoyed the afternoon over a pizza party and Singha beers with our new bird friends. There's never a dull moment on Chang Island.

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We're the same @Stewsak, I love connecting to nature. I'm planning to go in Thailand to visit 2 friends. I hope I'll be able to drop by Mu Ko Chang National Park.


Koh Chang is super incredible, my favorite waterfall on the island is Khlong Plu. The waterfall's pool has crystal clear emerald waters. I took a Lifestraw and drank from the water :) You all are going to love it! Thanks for coming by and have an awesome weekend.


I will take note of this beautiful place. And I'll surely write a blog about my experience.

Visiting natural places always gives you an extraordinary experience. I hope to visit more natural place in the world


Hope to see you visit Thailand 1 day soon :) Thanks for coming by and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Wow ! All nature shots are really so beautiful.
And it's nice to hear that pizza party with bird.


The birds were super friendly :)

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It seems you understand the language of birds. That's very good. Hope you had a wonderful time and a good conversation with your company of new friends (birds)?

You got a 17.94% upvote from @stef courtesy of @stewsak!

Looks beautiful out there. Have you been to Koh Samui? Any good? I'm headed out there next month but Koh Chang looks like my kinda place!