Effects of Waste on Earth | Reduce waste Save Earth

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Hello dear Steemit Fellows!
I am here on steemit platform with a new post my this post will be about our planet. In this post I will show you how waste is dangerous for our planet and which wre effects of waste on our lives. So let's talk about it.
I live in Pakistan which is still developing country after 70 years. In Pakistan there are very beautiful places such as Naran Valley, Swat Valley, Skardu and Murree Etc and when Travelers or Tourists go there they spread waste
On tourist place due to which Pakistan's natural beauty is being spoil day by day.
After Pakistan I will Talk about world or planet. In this world there are various beautiful natural places which reduce our tensions. When Visitors go there than they throw Wrapper and other packaging material at that place which they visit which is not a good habit.
After that I will talk about Marine life which more large than land life. In sea we are throwing Toxic waste , sewerage waste and Oil these all things are very dangerous for marine life through which sea animals such as fishes can't take breath and die. If we treat waste first and than throw this will be good because with the help of waste we can generate energy and along with this we can save marine life.

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