How is the romance in your love life? Ever wondered if your sex life could be different ??? Taking dating to a whole new Realm !!!

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Some eight percent of people have a physical addiction to sex; simply they cannot help themselves as the act of intercourse confuses their lives . . .

Humans are biological animals the species needs to reproduce or " Mother Nature " will take any opportunity to save planet Earth from its ultimate Apex predator, mankind . . . So that is why sex is supposed to feel good, but in typical human planning for profit and manipulation we have even managed to mess up the art of love making.

Decades ago there were reasons for sexual intercourse but primarily sex was designed to exist primarily within the boundaries of the institution of marriage. The reason was simple, people who " do the nasty ", well ; one of them tends to get pregnant; its a natural biological thing.

Society understood sex would occur, that is nature; but society had to restrict it toward permanent pair bonding's between a husband and wife. Otherwise little children would spent many of their formative years asking every man they saw " are you my daddy ? " , and no one wants THAT stenciled on a T shirt : )

So population was controlled by social convention as in how many offspring a family could raise, before the advent of modern emergency systems, safety prevention programs and immunizations it was natural to accept (like it still is in many other parts of the world even today) that at least 10 or 20 % of children will die before sexual maturity. I always say to parents it is good you had two kids or more, that way you have a ' spare ' if anything happens to the other one.

This is why it is rarely advisable to " put all your eggs in one basket " by having an ' only child ' situation. there are few worse situations than going through all the dramas of families and raising children only to lose that sole child after some event and to be beyond your reproductive years. You get to consider the rest of your aging process knowing your genetic fingerprint ends with you . . .

Today we have overpopulation and all the risks inherent to that unnatural planetary balance. Zika is on the way, Lyme Disease has been here forever, aggressive bees, Ebola outbreaks ; simply Mother nature is getting strategically planetary cleansing so vast and massive scale that will make the bubonic plague of look like a collage campus outbreak of mono : )

All of this is the result of social liberation and technology, effective contraceptive devices meant people could choose how to have sex both inside and outside of marriage. That should have lowered the population; however effective immunizations and rapid health care makes sure everyone stays alive to grow up to reproduce.

No more mass eliminations of population in huge wars, no more nasty childhood epidemics; now everyone gets to grow up and add more humans to the overpopulated Earth. Reality says planet Earth can support five billion people. Sooner or later the hugely complex nature of modern lifestyles will fail and Mother Nature will beat down so badly on humanity all the egos, power and wealth will risk the destruction of humanity ! ! !

How has any of that got to do with your sex life?


Well, you can perceive it however you want socially but reality and biologically your an animal. Today sex has five purposes, 1) Love, 2) Power, 3) Money, 4) Reproduction and lastly 5) Exercise. Yes sex is a great exercise workout ! ! !

So lets consider humans from the social perspective of Spider animals . . .

  1. Why males prefer virgins ! ! !

  2. Sorry babies I ate your daddy . . .

  3. Sexual mutilation is a lifestye choice ! ! !

  4. Getting laid is so important I will become a virgin AGAIN . . .
    The reasoning is simple, the most genetically advantageous males want to be the first spider to deposit reproductive material.

The female; knowing this, simply regrows body parts to appear again as a virgin to attract the strongest suitor.

Its not like him finding out about the deception will affect the relationship, simply because he is DINNER ! ! !

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