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Ecosia is a search engine that kills two birds with one stone: it gets you out of the massive corporate google ecosystem to a degree, and it plants trees for your searches.

You can access it here:

Yes, you read that right. Ecosia plants trees for your searches.


The way it works is that the revenue from ads shown on the website gets invested directly in planting trees, mostly in Africa, Asia, and South America, where they are most needed. It even shows you in a little counter how many trees your searches have directly contributed to! I am proud to say I have contributed to over 200!


They are hoping to plant a BILLION trees by 2017, and have recently planted their 10 millionth tree! The organization is very transparent and you can see their monthly reports on their website.

The trees Ecosia plants don't just clean the air, but also provide clean water in poor countries, help to keep soil for local farmers fertile, and support biodiversity.

You can read more about them here:

You can search on their website directly, or use a plugin in your browser of choice.

I believe this is an important project with which we can take part in real, positive change, and I hope I was able to convince some of you to use their service. Please upvote or further share this post if you feel it was useful, I want as many people as possible to see this.

(All images screenshots from the ecosia website)

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Holy cow thats incredible! i would have never thought something like that would be real, thats insanely cool!