LIFE Nature & Biodiversity.

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"Customary" ventures might be best-hone, exhibition, pilot or data, mindfulness and spread tasks (ie like LIFE+ Nature, Biodiversity, Environment and Information ventures), contingent upon the need region (see underneath).

Best practice ventures apply proper, financially savvy and best in class procedures, strategies and methodologies considering the particular setting of the undertaking; showing ventures set in motion, test, assess and disperse activities, philosophies or methodologies that are new or obscure in the particular setting of the task, natural, financial setting, and that could be connected somewhere else in comparative conditions; pilot ventures apply a system or technique that has not been connected or tried previously, or somewhere else, that offer potential ecological or atmosphere points of interest comparedd to current best practice and that can along these lines be connected on a bigger scale to comparable circumstances; mindfulness and scattering ventures go for supporting correspondence, spread of data and mindfulness bringing up in the fields of the sub-programs for Environment and Climate Action.


Best practices and arrangements, including advancement and exhibit of imaginative advances, to ecological difficulties, reasonable for being reproduced, exchanged or mainstreamed, incorporating as for the connection between the earth and, and in help of asset effectiveness related strategy and enactment, including the to a Resource Efficient and to enhance the information base for the improvement, usage, appraisal, observing and assessment of Union natural arrangement and enactment, and for the evaluation and checking of the components, weights and reactions that effect on the earth inside and outside the Union.

LIFE Environmental Governance and Information will co-back activity gifts for data, mindfulness and spread ventures to advance mindfulness raising on natural issues, including creating open and partner support of Union strategy making in the field of the earth, and to advance learning on economical improvement and new examples for maintainable utilization; to help correspondence, administration, and scattering of data in the field of the earth, and to encourage learning sharing on fruitful ecological arrangements and work on, including by creating collaboration stages among partners and preparing; and to elevate and add to more compelling consistence with and implementation of Union ecological enactment, specifically by advancing the improvement and dispersal of best practices and approach approaches.


That add to the usage and advancement of Union arrangement and enactment on environmental change relief, including mainstreaming crosswise over strategy territories, specifically by creating, testing and showing strategy or administration approaches, best practices and answers for environmental change moderation.


That enhance the learning base for the improvement, appraisal, checking, assessment and execution of compelling environmental change alleviation activities and measures and that upgrade the ability to apply that information practically speaking; that encourage the advancement and usage of coordinated methodologies, for environmental change alleviation procedures and activity designs, at nearby, provincial or national level.


That add to the improvement and exhibition of inventive environmental change moderation advances, frameworks, techniques and instruments that are reasonable for being reproduced, exchanged or mainstreamed.

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Very clear and fantastic photography!

I think you know a lot from your post. Thank you

woow amazing

Excellent your writting!. Hope to follow and post my photos!
Peace and love!


I disagree. The writing is FAR from excellent. It doesn't even make ANY sense. It's all commas and a period at the end of each paragraph. Hurts my head to read this!!!!

simply beautiful great landscape excellent photo

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Beautiful pictures

Wow. Beautiful shots :)