Venezuela: Country of National Parks

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North of South America, where the continent meets the Caribbean Sea, is Venezuela, a territory with 916,445 square kilometers and for the 140 thousand species of fauna and flora that it houses, occupies the ninth position of the world biodiversity ranking. With the amount of protected areas established in the country, it could be said that Venezuela is a country of National Parks, ideal for ecological tourism and adventure.

Photo: Aponwao or Chinak-merú, waterfall of more than 100 meters in Canaima National Park

Its 23 states plus the Capital District have at least one National Park in its territory, in total 44 and are considered vital to preserve their ecological balance.

There are savannas, jungles, rivers, beaches, islands, mountains, deserts... so it is an unmissable destination in South America if you are looking for exotic nature and also want to increase your collection of spectacular landscapes by taking pictures or simply saving the images in your memory.

Photo: Laguna Verde (Green Lagoon) at the bottom Pico Humboldt (4940 m), in the Sierra Nevada National Park of Mérida

The climate is pleasant in general, tropical, with two seasons known as the dry season (summer) from November to April and the rainy season (winter) from May to October.

You have to know that geographically Venezuela has five natural regions that are: Cordillera de la Costa, Occidente, Los Andes, Los Llanos and Guayana and that also has decreed 36 Natural Monuments, that are areas of little extension but worthy of being protected by their physical or biological singularity. Together with the National Parks, they cover 21.76% of the surface of the country.

Photo: Cautarito beach, in the Mochima National Park, between the states of Sucre and Anzoategui

The oldest National Park in Venezuela was decreed on February 13, 1937, the Henri Pittier in Aragua state, and the largest is the Parima-Tapirapeco in the state of Amazonas, also fifth in the world with 39,000 square kilometers of extension.

All the National Parks of Venezuela are administered by the National Institute of Parks (Inparques) organism that is part of the Ministry of Ecosocialism and Waters.

Photo: Pozo Cristal, in the state of Amazonas

There are also some 433 ABRAE (Areas under Special Administration Regime), 66.2% of the territory with great potential, whether ecological, tourist, productive, educational or scientific.

Photo: View of the coastal town of La Guaira (Vargas state) from Naiguatá Peak, Waraira Repano National Park, located between the Capital District and Miranda and Vargas states

Venezuela has many resources such as oil and minerals, whose extraction represents in many cases a threat to the ecological balance and consequently to the life of all, for that reason, let us remember that the protection of the natural heritage also belongs to all of us. By enforcing the laws and not allowing ecological crimes, each of us as citizens of the country and this world, we can do a lot!

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