The Museum of Natural History in Mokpo City

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I never’ve expected to look around the museum of natural history in Mokpo. After looking on the maritime museum, I noticed that there was a building looked like a museum. As approaching closer, I found out that building was the museum of natural history.

I have looked on some museum of natural history. But I’ve never expected the museum of natural history was located in Mokpo city. Entering into the museum, I was surprised with the contents of this museum.

There were lots of unique things displayed. It was unbelievable how this local museum could have collected such amounts of unusual collections.

What made me strange was this museum was not so known well even in Korea.
I had heard that there were so many fossils relating to dinosaur sometimes.

Actually it was first time for me to look at the fossils excavated in Korea with my own eyes.
At first floor, the nest of dinosaur was displayed. This nest was told that this was the one of the most perfect nest of dinosaur found up until now, according to the explanation board.


There were so many fossils which were purchased from abroad.

Below was the best of the best in my respect among the purchased



The one thing made me happy was the policy of the museum. They never prohibited to take the photos of the displayed.

In so many cases, taking the photo was strictly prohibited. Sometimes it was so sorry when they didn’t publish the photo book. In this case, I need to memory the displayed things.

Fellow Steemians, You can take the photos as you want in the museum of natural history.

Below were the pics I had taken photos.
I don’t know very well when it comes to dinosaur.
My son was a specialist when he was 7-8 years old. I don’t know he remember every thing on dinosaur until now.

Please show them.
Your sons and younger brothers would like the photos of below.











There were so many other fossils in the museum.
The samples of the stones were also interesting.
I strongly recommend to drop by this museum when you visit Korea.

Thank you for reading


I am seeing these fossils for the first time and these pictures are stunning as per my point of view. Your posts are increasing my interest in history more and more.

It is ancient. We are not only in this planet. But many more life are here. It's thrilling to me,how the all living things are adjust each other.

Thank you for this post.

Good morning :) I am followed u :)

Mokpo ohhh Love to go and explore amazing feelings

You are right.. Wow what a beautiful museum i hope i can visit this place. Those fossil looks so detailed and beautiful.. it so sad that i haven't seen this animals for real. It would be really awesome seeing a dinosaur in the streets. :')

museum represents ancient species which is rare or no more now a days. Good work

nice photo

I am delighted @slowwalker that I am seeing such fossils and it really was my passion to tour museums but my medical condition now just is a hindrance.

Look at the last photo, the fishes didn't evolve while others creatures supposedly does. Maybe evolution wasn't true at all and species just are reduced as time goes by due to environmental or catastrophic changes in the environment.

It is very important to know the history of your ancestors.
It is very interesting

beautiful :o

Those are some beautiful pictures! That sea creature looking thing makes you think it was prob not a good idea to go for a swim back then.😅

What are those giant beetle looking things under the crab? They look like those bugs from the Mummuy movies.😲🤔

Amazing creatures!

You take awesome pictures, I really enjoy your posts. Follow me back @slowwalker

Wow! These are amazing! My son would also love to see these with his own eyes and would probably talk about it for a week afterwards lol I think I may have to take a trip to our natural history museum in the UK, I think there is one in London. Great Post, thank you for sharing with us!

Dinosaurs are so cool. Sometimes I wish they were still alive and we can see them like in Jurassic Park except without them escaping of course.

Wow ! These are the real finds! Thanks for sharing, my friend @slowwalker! Have a nice day!

Good morning :) I am followed U :)

Amazing very good exhibits. Thank you for the post @slowwalker. Resteemed

Nice Dino Post @slowsalker :)

The fossilization of these artifacts never ceases to astound me. It’s just amazing how years of erosion and pressure and conglomerates of minerals and salts forms these preserved organic items.

I have always been enthralled with history and even just with the idea that we weren’t always the dominant species. At one point, the apex predators were much more fierce.

Or at least had bigger teeth. Haha

Wow very amazing to think of dinosaurs in Korea! Thank you for all of these amazing photos. Inspiring to think of the history we know and how much we still have yet to find! Resteeming!

Lovely photos this is an amazing place to visit I will definitely snapshot this photos and show them.

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Very impressive photographs and an interesting read. It made me get conscious again about the fact, how relative the importance of our working day problems and sorrows really is. Have a great time! Rolf from the Czech republic

Wao, @slowwalker this is really nice.
The last time i went to a museum was when i was 10. And of course it was a school outing.
Keep exploring

These fosils are really rare in their subject. Although the subject of fosils is use to very distinctive because there are few people who are interested in this subject. You did a remarkable job to get these photos for us. Keep inspiring steemian @slowwalker

I also visited museum

thank you a wonderful pos upvote and resteem @slowwalker

Fantastic Natural History Museum. And the head of the fish of Latimeria is very well preserved!!!

slowwalker I, too, was in the natural history museum. Thank you very much, you suggested a good idea. I will also have a post about such a museum in the Crimea.

a good post. thank you for sharing

Wow ... This is a very amazing place. I am very happy to have visited this place. Because I really like the history of nature in the past. Because very happy to investigate. Because even small animals I portrait to make a post in steemit. Especially if I can find fossils like those displayed on this mesium. It was amazing to me. Thanks for sharing something very interesting @slowwalker.

전라도 목포 쪽으로 가셨나보네요... 날씨 추운데 감기 조심하세요~!!

God has blessed us with so much endowment......nice post with lot of take home knowledge

Hi dinosaurs are one of most famous species from history.. This museum no doubt is a good example of precious collection.. All stuff is incredible.. They collected allthis with great efforts no doubt.. Thanx for sharing young man..

I am seeing these fossils for the first time and these pictures are stunning as per my point of view. Your posts are increasing my interest in history more and more..i look forward to meeting you some day because am really becoming interested in nature

Those fossils are pretty rad.

The second last picture of the fish head is so cool.

I visited a dinosaur museum in Thailand once. It was so cool! They had a real lab there with scientists studying actual fossils.

Wow! wow!wow!
I wish one day I will be there:)

I always love to learn new stuff and this is amazing. I showed it to my brother, and he wants more :)

What if i say museum is the main thing to remember past traditions, nations and their virtue. Fossils a main thing that have a lot about past in pure condition. i love it man @slowwalker

These are beautiful images...
Especially that of the dinosaur.

I was such a lover of dinosaurs when I was a kid.
I watched movies of all sorts then to satiate my interest

Are you on a trip to Korea?

Its lovely looking at the fossils, thank you for sharing.

Thanks for these wonderful photos. My son loves them :)

Forget sons and younger brother this older sister loves this collection especially the nest and the fish with all the teeth :) thank you for sharing. See if you can make a video walk-though I would love to see more .

People like you @slowwalker lemme enjoy steemit. You always make us learn something new. Keep t up buddy

Looking Great I appreciate your Post @maanabdullah (Website Designer , Marketing Guru )

Hybrids from before the flood! LOL God PWND those Abominations!! Just my 2 steem. ;)

Very... very nice your post!!! Thanks for sharing @slowwalker

amazing place wow thanks for the share @slowwalker

amazing place. i love it 😍
wish one day i can travel there.
keep sharing story with us buddy 🙂 best of luck

Mokpo in south korea I hope I will go,
Because south korea is my dreamland.

Interesting place. While I've been 2 times to South Korea, I never heard of this museum. Goes to my bucket list together with the South Jeolla province. Thanks!

Good job ........ Thanks for the exposure though

wow. how old are these?

nice museum in mokpo but not much in the know, from the picture I see this museum is very good for historical knowledge about nature, the government should make this information as wide and become the source of income for his government

I take it that you really love history. This is my first time of following you and i love your love for ancients and history just like your post before this. This is amazing. I used to think Dinosaurs are some cooked up stories and all even when all evidences pointed the other way. Thank you for keeping me updated. Look forward to more for your posts. You will always see me around.

This is fantastic history in mopko, so wonderful museum. Like you said, i csn just wait and download the museums pictures. How I wish i can experience it. Thanks for the [email protected]

It would be nice to visit such a museum together with my son. He is now 5 now and I'm sure he would like all these monsters, boys like dinosaurs.

Thanks for the fascinating story and great photos!

very informatif and helpful, thank you for shared @slowwalker

This is utterly amaziiiing!!!!!! I can't contain iiiitttt!!!!

Although not so famous but this museum looks very nice and full of history, fossils of ancient animals is very interesting to show ..

My son also knew a lot about dinosaurs in his childhood, even wanted to become an archaeologist. But now works as an electrician, such a harsh truth)).
Thank you for sharing your discovery!

wao it looks awesome, artificial and lovely to watch

a good history museum, a science of nature that is not much in the know crowd

Thank you for the pictures! I adore museums (but admit I don't go to as many as I should). I find fossils fascinating!

I especially liked the fish with the terrible jaws!

Thank you for Your tour @slowwalker. This is a really interesting visit. This is a very rare exhibits and they are worth to see. I also love to visit the natural history Museum in my city. Thanks for the interesting and rare photographs.

Its wonderful museum

Very nice fossils! Thank you for sharing!

nice photography,,it was observed in mokpo city historical balance

the picture is so amazing and so beautiful.
I have never seen this very beautiful fossil.
oh yeah, sorry if there are words that I am wrong because I am a newcomer here.
please help me.

Nice my friends

That's interesting.)
You are a big fan of museums...
Notice the good exhibits!

Thanks for telling)

beautiful photograpy and travel..thanks so much @slowwalker

Beautiful images.We see interesting things in museum.I also like to visit museums.I am impressed with your work keep it up dear

a place full of history, and deserves to be remembered, and hopefully @slowwalker success always

looks really interesting.

excelente publicación sobre al antropología del mundo y lo mejor q estan en un museo protegidas

That Museum is a really rare gem, because it has facts that are not easily seen. That's something I'd love to see with my eyes.

Wow so many sea food... I think I must be the only who feels hungry due to the items in a museum, haha;)

hello hello today I could see your very interesting post go to this paticular Museum of Natural History in the city of Mokpo, just as you amaze me when I visit these places called museums where we are of things that happened on our planet earth, it is a wonder to be able have them and be able to keep even these remains very valuable for science.
I invite you to read my post
by fvaor comment and vote just so know if I'm doing well.

that hidden historical was too scary!

i didn't expect that kind of animals or spieces!

thank you for sharing sir @slowwalker

Giving you a like, just because of that crab hahahaha. That guy is amazing!

the museum is very magnificent, a lot of photography in it, good post friends

Very interesting!

Wow. These artifacts are remarkable and beyond most displays I have come across. Thank you so much for sharing.

These photos are amazing! Im a photographer too! Feel free to check out my profile.

Rarely there is such a meseum, we can freely take favored photos, in my country there is nothing unique museum and you are very lucky to enjoy it, regards @slowwalker

우리나라의 멋진 화석, 공룡 잘 봤습니다. 삼엽충이 가장 돋보이네요 ㅎㅎ

it's very good what you say, until I think to be able to see the ancient objects stored in mesium

What a beautiful sight. I feel like being here myself. Thank you for sharing @slowwalker. I'm a big fan of your work

Those fossils are awesome. You should check out my blog I have some amazing Moon pictures and solar eclipse pictures. I'm new on steemit I could use some friends.

Amazing! Definitely, it's an interesting spot for a cyber-geek to bring his date. Thanks for sharing, @slowwalker!

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i love studying natural history :) wow these clicks are super amazing :)

Good. It's High quality photo shoot. I like too museum and fossil.

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보팅과 팔로우하고 갑니다.

행복업! 스트레스다운!

항상 응원합니다 ^^

waw,, very amazing photography @slowwalker. Thanks for sharing

안녕하세요 느림보(슬로워커님)!
오늘은 더 오래된 시대를 포스팅 하셨네요
님의 열정이 늘 부럽습니다.
저는 오늘 시장을 바라보다 그냥 혼술을 했습니다.

Dinosaur??? Great clicks.It is great to study the history with these fossils.Amazing!!!!!!!! Thank you very much for sharing this knowledge