Spring has Sprung!

in #nature3 years ago

Since spring has been trying to peak through, I have been going for more walks outside. I have to admit sometimes it sure don't feel like spring. It is often windy with quite the chill to it! However the sun is usually shining.


My dog doesn't seam to mind. She actually really loves this weather! She would spend all day outside if she could!


Even though sometimes it may not feel like spring, the trees are starting to show otherwise.
BUDS! Lovely little buds all over!


A sure sign spring has sprung. I can not wait for warm weather!


Have a Lovely day!!




Beautiful photos!! I really like your story!! Sorry for not upvoting your post I am waiting my VP recover

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love the sun shining through the trees!

Thank you. We have not had much so far but it is a sign of warm days ahead and starting my garden! Yay! 😁

exciting times!!! love getting my hands dirty in the garden :)

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