Enter the Dragon Den

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Dragonflies don't sting and generally
don't bite people, they will totally eat zombies though.

They have been around for 300 million years. Prehistoric dragonflies were much larger and could have a wingspan of 2 ½ feet! Tasty snacks for dinosaurs!

When first hatched, the larva or nymphs live in the water for around a year. Once they leave the water and begin to fly, they only live for around a month. Except in February which only has 28 days.

People in Indonesia like to eat them for a snack. I cannot confirm nor deny this, I've never seen one fried up at the mamak in Malaysia.

Having a dragonfly land on your head is considered good luck. A bird shitting on your head is an example of bad luck to give perspective.

They are not really related to common flies. They are related to uncommon flies.

Groups of dragonflies are called swarms. Groups of stupid people are called a plague.

Watching dragonflies, similar to bird watching, is called oding which comes from the order classification odonata. Too much watching can result in od'ing while doing oding..Get help if you need it! Seriously don't play play.

Predators that eat dragonflies include fish, ducks, birds, and water beetles. Apparently, also Indonesians.

They need to warm up in the sun during the morning before taking off and flying for most of the day. Only refill with diesel dragonfly formula fuel..

*Female dragonflies will play dead if a male is pestering them to mate. Sometimes they just complain of cramps and headache though. Both strategies are very effective.

I took this picture while oding earlier with coffee on my porch. I then dropped a good bit of LSD on the photo to get these heady effects. I'm doing a whole dragon thing this week. Or maybe I'm not, it depends on if I get good results from this dragonfly. So it's up to you. Perhaps you have dragoferosus a phobia of dragonflies and never read this?

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They eat zombies????

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Confirmed! How do you think we survived the last zombie apocalypse?

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I'm in awe. I will pass on this snippet to anyone who will listen.

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So how's that going? Any listeners out there? It was a, long time ago in a, galaxy far, far away..These aren't the dragonflies you're looking for. (subtle shamanistic hand waft)

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