Amazing Footage Shows Hawaii Volcano Smiling

in nature •  3 years ago 

pictures taken by using Tropical Visions Video of a lava lake on Kilauea Volcano turned into published on-line and people have been quick to point out that the molten lava cracking thru the hardened crust looked like a smiley face.

Watch the entire experience here. It’s pretty amazing.

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Wow that is crazy! It is nuts we live on this little bit of crust above deadly molten lava. Please view my latest post. It is to help my friend Cyrus who is going to his second Olympics! He needs our help! I upvoted you. This is my most important post and the money isn't going to me. Please consider upvoting it.


Hell is smiling

OMG.. this is just beautiful.. good luck to your friend :)
Thanks for sharing.. :)

Wow that's beautiful 😘😘😘😍😍

Even volcano smiles! People, be happy!

smile from hell :-)

Hell is smiling

Nice @simranverma
Shot you an Upvote :)