Finger drumming on a ridge-line / Jazzy Vibes

in #nature4 years ago

Hello Steemians,

Yesterday i went on a hike with my dear friend @warrkin , and my boy Buddha .

I found this epic spot, and shot a video for you all :)

Enjoy the Jazzy vibes ,

Peace, Shaka ;)


the view... the vibes... i'm speechless!

Thanks man ;)

Long time no see :) Hope you are doing well.

More nature hip hop vibes comming soon :)

I'm doing just great... going to check out the new vibes right now!

Nature at its best, was an awesome journey! :)

Indeed it was :)

I love your videos. They look a beautiful and your jams are always sweet. Keep posting please :)

Thanks for watching :)

MOre stuff comming soon ;)

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