White mushroom head (Coprinus comatus)

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White mushroom head (Coprinus comatus) has a white, fleshy, ovoid-shaped, covered with a blanket, and the cover is subsequently torn apart. The bonnet of this plate-shaped fungus is up to 10 cm in diameter, bell-shaped, white, thin, covered with yellowish scales. The plates are initially white, then pink and black, then spill into a black liquid.

Despite the "tasteless" name, mushrooms can be eaten. True, only at a young age, while their hat plates did not become dark. The name of the guinea-pigs got through the places of growth - most often these gifts of the forest can be found in meadows and pastures with rich humus soil.


fried a delicacy :-)
But young ones only - these here are too old ;-)

I enjoy eating these mushrooms, too! I know them as Shaggy Mane mushrooms. It's amazing how they can push through hard gravel roads. They seem so delicate once they are larger. I recently learned that David Aurora, the author of two of the best mushroom books around (Mushrooms Demystified, and All That The Rain Promises And More) eats the old, black ink, too! I'm looking forward to trying that myself. Enjoy your mushrooms!

That's a nice bunch of Shaggy Mane mushrooms there! Great find!

This is a really awesome post! I forage and grow mushrooms myself, and run the website http://www.medicinalmushies.com. Great work! Following you!

Never tryed them, but they grow in abundance here on a meadow... Sadly, people let dogs piss on the meadow, so I'm restrained to try them for now! Thanks for sharing!

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