Nature in orange. (Photos by sard@rt)

in nature •  3 months ago


Orange is a secondary color that is created by mixing red and yellow.
Orange is the color of the Dutch soccer nationality, it is the color that has given its name to a well-known fruit (orange) and is the color of Hinduism.

Even in nature, there are many shades of this color starting from magnificent sunsets that offer suggestive orange landscapes.
"There is no blue without yellow and without orange," said Vincent Van Gogh.
Fruits, flowers, landscapes and animals ... .... orange dresses all.

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Lovely photoshoot 📷...excellent post .my dear friend sardrt👸 I always follow you. Please Support me 🙋


many thanks

An absolutely stunning picture (the first)! Resteemed!


thanks a lot

Bellissime foto! L'arancione è un colore stupendo in tutte le sue sfumature!
La foto della farfalla e l'ultima sono le mie preferite! :)


grazie mille!!!

Your pictures are really excellent. Of course it is the butterfly that I like best. This shot is very well done.

Greetings from @faltermann 🦋

Stunning pictures great photography

Beautiful pictures.Awesome photography my friend.

Wish you are in good health!
Photography is very nice 🙂 Every photograph is really awesome. I appreciate your great photography. You're a really good photographer.

Beautiful photo of a makto. I have seen your pictures at bart2305 who is also interested in photography. They interested me very much. I think that you have many other such fascinating photos on the blog. I'm also photographing a bit. Look at my blog, you may also find something for yourself. ☺️

You got a 46.91% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @sardrt!

Amazing shots! 👍👍👍