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In Sardinia (Italy), the island where I live, there is a particular tree called "The Sugar" and the scientific name Quercus suber. Cork, typically Mediterranean, and a tree that can reach 15 meters high and has a very thick bark that has a very special use.
From the trunk of this tree, in fact, the cork (the outer part that surrounds the trunk) is extracted from a material which, following a processing process, is transformed into sheets and used mainly in construction as it is considered to be an excellent insulating material.
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Cork, very light material, was used since ancient times, by Greeks and Romans to make floats, or taps. Today it is also used in traditional handicrafts.


When the plant has reached 15-18, it begins to extract the cork operation which occurs between the months of May and August because in this period the cork bark can easily be detached from the trunk.
After about 7 years the bark is reformed and can be extracted again.
This plant after the extraction of the cork that leaves in view the inner part of the trunk, smooth and dark, takes on a particular and very characteristic aspect of the landscape of Sardinia.


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interesting data of this tree, every day you learn something new

Very interesting. Every 7 years.

Hi how are you? It is a real pleasure to see your publications, I did not know about this tree, it is incredible the process by which it happens and from it they do very beautiful things

It's good to know that the trees are not harmed and will grow their bark back in a few years.

very cool shot and I knew so little about the Cork tree or Sugar tree and where Cork comes from so very informative thanks for sharing


you are welcome!

It is very interesting how it rejuvenates itself every seven years.

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Beautiful pictures and informative text. Thanks for sharing @sardrt


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So interestinggggg

They are beautiful :)

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