Myrtus. A digestive liquor “Mirto di Sardegna” . (Photos by sard@rt)

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Myrtus communis, the common myrtle, is an evergreen shrub native to southern Europe, north Africa, western Asia, Macaronesia, and the Indian Subcontinent, and also cultivated.
Mirto also is a popular liqueur in the islands of Sardinia (Italy) and it is obtained from the myrtle plant through the alcoholic maceration of the berries.

The Mirto is a shrub typical of Mediterranean scrub and is very easily found in forests or in the countryside but may also have ornamental use.
Its characteristics and fragrant berries are generally of purple very dark, almost black, but there are different varieties even white.
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The berries mature in the month and in my region it is also common to extract the precious digestive liquor, the famous “Mirto di Sardegna”.
Its preparation is fairly simple: berries are collected which are carefully washed and put in a container completely covered with ethyl alcohol. After more than a month of maceration the compound thus obtained must be filtered and combined with a syrup of water and sugar.
Of course, everyone has his own recipe!
But I can assure you that it is really a good liqueur.


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Thanks for some nice photos and brief description. 🌹

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I'm really inspired to photography of your posts.

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Wow... incredible photography... upvoted and Followed.

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I love to step by and check your work, it is always magical and unbelievable
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