Tomorrow I climb Mount Canigou (2,784m) BAREFOOT 👣

in nature •  5 months ago


I have dreamed of standing at the summit of this mountain for a long time and tomorrow is the day I will be attempting it, with a local man as my guide.

He refused to guide me barefoot, so currently thinks I will be wearing shoes. Without wanting to lie, I only promised him I would bring them... which I will.

But I won't put them on unless I need to. Fingers crossed he won't freak out about it.

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The ground is much more forgiving (and enjoyable) than most people will ever know. After five years without shoes I don't feel pain when walking rocky terrain like other people. On the contrary, I feel pleasure. Connected, stable, guided.

Mount Canigou


At 2,784m Mount Canigou is the highest peak in this region, Les Pyrenees Orientales, the mountains which separate France from Spain.

Mount Canigou tip pic.jpg

Overlooking the Roussillon plain and the Mediterranean Sea it is known as Catalonia's sacred mountain, steeped in mystery & legend.


Catalonia is a rarely talked about country stuck between France & Spain which does have it's own recognised nationality and independent culture, though few people here seem to acknowledge it.

I always tell people I live in the South of France but in truth I live in Catalonia.


Mount Canigou has been in the background of my photography for almost five years, softly calling to me.

Les Orgues 5.jpg

At the summit I will find this cross... and a rather special feeling.


Mount Batur, Bali

Two years ago I had the same feeling with Bali's 2nd tallest volcano, though on this occasion I felt like my family would be able to make it there with me.


Esteban enjoyed the ride, close to my chest the whole way.


The photo moment at the summit was more perfect than we could possibly have imagined.


I am waiting still for confirmation of good weather tomorrow, which is essential for obvious reasons, but today looks perfect so I am anticipating a clear run & a bunch of new pictures for you all tomorrow night ;)

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Like Me, You Too, Climb Mountains Barefoot - Its The Only Way To Go if you ask me!
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People Always Freak Out Why?
Dont they know Shoes are bad for the feet?
Plus when wearing shoes the earth energy entering the soles of your feet get cut off due to the rubber insulating the bio electro magnetic energy of earth... Which has been proven to provide alleviation to many of the problems people world wide experience.


Always excellent to meet a barefoot brother. Thank you for your advanced thinking. I've just made it home from the summit and I can't tell you how many people expressed their fear to me on the way up. The more of us who live by example and teach others when asked, the less fear there will be :)



Nice one!

Btw: i just remembered to resteem your post! - have a great barefoot day - i am wiggling my toes freely in the sun here in Costa Rica :D


I completely agree with you.
In fact, I’m ruining barefoot, restoring the strengthens of my foot every run a bit more.

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Barefoot is how our bodies like to be, good for the whole kinetic chain


You know it. Spot on! It's the best :)

@sam Best of luck with your adventure. Barefoot is the way to energize the body. Contact with our mother(earth),i heard that will boost the immunity in the body.


I can vouch for all those things and more. I feel so great right now after connecting with a mountain all day. Just made it back from the summit and all things are good ;)

Hey Sam... enjoy your barefoot climb: I can’t wait to see the beautiful shots you’ll take! 😍

Resteemed with joy. 😜


Just back now! In the end I didn't do too much photography, but I did get the trip on video. Finished film coming soon ;)

Thanks for the joyful resteem!


🙏🏻 Oh, very well: I love your awesome video! 😍

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Hi Sam,
I hope you have a wonderful barefoot walk!
Totally stunning pictures of those incredible mountains! Especially the ultimate shot of you and your family with that incredible sunset on Mount Batur, Bali - marvellous!

Upvoted and resteemed :D


Thanks! There is nothing quite like standing on top of a mountain. I just made it home now after an awesome day. Film coming soon ;)

oh WOWWWWWW!!!!! What an experience that is going to be @samstonehill!!! I get goosies on my arms and excited just thinking about it for you!!! Cannot WAIT to see your "after" post!

Have funnn!!!!


Thanks you for your lovely words Jaynie ;)

lt was so awesome I am still buzzing. Not too many pics in the end but I did film everything, so the film is coming soon...

That mountain is mitic! For a Catalan guy represents many things.
Enjoy your barefoot climb.


I heard that. There are a few Catalans around here who seem much more in tune with the old culture and they walk to the summit regularly to tie their flags to the cross.

I just made it home now and looking forward to checking through my video footage ;)



Btw! Welcome to north Catalonia!


Thanks! Where are you based?


Barcelona 🙂

Very kool post , best of luck on the climb


Thanks! Made it back in one piece ;)