Some urban photography

in nature •  11 months ago 

As I was walking on the street I saw this horror movie tree.

Like its got life of its own ,

And decided to take some urban photograpy.

Enjoy ,

Hebrew writing at the bottom.




כשהלכתי ברחוב , ראיתי את העץ הזה כאילו הוא לקוח מאיזה סרט אימה.

כאילו יש לו חיים משלו ,

והחלטתי לעשות קצת צילום אורבני ,
תהנו ,

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סוג של פיקוס. היכן זה?


בקרית ביאליק ,

Is Hebrew actually like Arabic, in that the way you write the letters change based on what for letter comes after it?

I don’t know if you people know about the story about 2 sisters who were bad selfish mean and evil well they’re dad punished the 2 daughters and turn them into trees ..well in Greek urban legend they say the trees are evil people who were punished by god and some people have witnessed the trees have come alive and turn to ugly humans more like demon creatures the people say sometimes at midnight around 2:00 am it’s when they are active they hear noises people screaming gooood!! Help!!!


We'll I don't know If that urban story is true .

But that tree totally look like one ,


yes bro these kind of trees are very rare, i am sure this tree is more than 150 years old, however its looks really bad