The slowest animal in the world- The sloth

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The sloth is a kind of own of Central and South America. The sloth has chestnut to beige gray skin, and is very thick. The head of the sloth is round, the nose flattened and the ears not visible. The tail is very small.

It is solitary, nocturnal and diurnal, feeding on leaves of many tree species. The female emits a strong, strident lament during the mating season to attract males. It is a scream that sounds like an "ay ay".

The limbs of the sloth are long and well developed, their fingers are joined and end in long, curved claws. The anterior limbs are longer, more developed and more mobile than the hind legs, especially in the sloths belonging to the group of three toes. It has approximately 18 teeth and its body temperature varies considerably according to the environment, so they are physiologically restricted to an equatorial habitat.

The sloth is a nocturnal and diurnal mammal, solitary, in addition it is pacific; but also has a great ability to endure aggression and injury, can also endure hunger for a long time. Sloth has achieved a non-competitive lifestyle, characterized by peaceful coexistence and minimal impacts on nature

The sloth is totally adapted to the arboreal life, it is the slowest of the vertebrates superiors. It moves at an average speed of just ... 1.25 mph! This strange animal has made slowness a way of life and immobility the greatest of its defenses.

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