rarest eyes colors in the world

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Eyes are such a unique characteristic that people have. Eyes range in different colors, some that are very common and some that are quite rare. Here are some of the most common and rarest eye colors found around the world.

Brown Eyes
With brown-eye people making up more than 55% of the global population, brown eyes are the most common eye color amongst people. In fact, nearly all members of the African and Asian population share brown eyes. This is because of it being a dominant genetic trait due to melanin existing in the eye.

Blue Eyes
While brown eyes are genetically dominant, blue eye color is recessive genetic trait, which makes them much less common amongst people. Blue eye color exists because there is an absence of pigments, and blue eyes appear from the scattered light reflected off of the iris. Although less common than brown eyes, about 8% of people in the world have blue eyes. They can often be found in people in northern Europe.

Hazel Eyes
While hazel eyes have similarities to brown eyes, they are usually a lighter color with more of a green and yellow tint. Hazel eyes are created because there is higher concentrated melanin around the border of the pupil than the rest of the iris. This results in the appearance of a multi-colored iris that ranges from copper to green in certain lights. Approximately 5-8% of people in the world have hazel eyes.

Green Eyes
Green eyes can often be mistaken for hazel eyes, but they are two completely different eye colors. In addition, green eyes are one of the rarest eye colors found worldwide with only 2% of people having green eyes. Green eyes occur because of a mild amount of melanin, a burst a lipochrome, and a golden tint. The golden tint mixes with a natural base of blue to create the green color. Green eye people most frequently live in northern and central Europe, but western Asia can also be a place where it is found.

Silver Eyes
Often, silver colored eyes are considered to be a variation of blue eyes. However, they are a rare eye color that still look distinct from blue eyes. Like blue colored eyes, silver is created due to low pigmentation in the eyes. Though quite rare, silver eyes can be found most frequently in eastern Europe.

Black Eyes
Although there are some people with eyes as dark as night, this is not true black. It is actually just extremely dark brown. This happens because of a significantly higher concentration of melanin throughout the iris. Often with this eye color, it is even difficult to distinguish between the pupil and the iris.

Red or Pink Eyes
Red or pink colored eyes can be a result of albinism or blood leaking into the iris. Albino people often have extremely light blue eye from lack of pigmentation, but certain forms of albinism causes a red or pink eye color instead.

Amber Eyes
Amber colored eyes are a very rare find around the world, but they are most common in Asia and South America. This eye color can vary from a golden yellow to more of a copper color. While amber eyes are frequently confused with hazel eyes, the difference is that hazel has brown and green while amber is a single color. The high amount of lipochrome gives the appearance of glowing eyes. This eye color is found more in animals.

This is another rare eye color typically found in people with albinism. In fact, it is believed that truly violet eyes cannot exist with having albinism. Violet eyes occurs from mixing lack of pigment and red from light reflecting off of blood vessels within the eyes.

While not all of us have these eye colors, you can still make your pair look good with our glasses!

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