living in the Caribbean, a Dream

in nature •  last year

I have had the opportunity of travelling all around my country, from one city to the next the views are completely different, with a few hours of difference u can find paradise in earth, from desert to snow or from city to jungle

I have travelled to other continents and yes I must say I have seen beautiful places, but for me this place is in the top 3 of the most amazing places I have been!

there is beuty everywhere you see


The purest water ever, and your body feels it, skin become softer, the hair becomes shinier and of course your smile becomes bigger


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I love the pictures! Jealous of your caribbean life!

I have a photoeditchallenge starting that i think you would enjoy and can win some free SBD

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Thanks! Sounds fun the I will do it

Nice pictures, hope to get to see the caribbeans more often! Check out my travel photos as well! Followed


Thanks! Very nice pictures as well! Congrats!

Nice pictures, following you now :)


I am following u back...nice I will see more Thailand through your eyes