science in the service of man

in #nature3 years ago

Science is an unending search for has proved to be a faithful friend of mankind.its great services are in the field of agriculture ,industry,medicine,and travelling are amazing.Life is a constant struggle.Now service of science is even more wonderful than the wonders of magic.Man has built high and magnificent buildings.The houses are full of the facilities provided by science.Science has made human life very comfortable and safe.




in the past man had to travel on foot. Now traveling has become a pleasure for him. it is no more difficult and dangerous. Man has got the better of birds in their flight.All this is possible because of Science.
Science provided us with many means of information, entertainment, amusement, and fun. TV ,radio,Dish antenna, cinema,Computer etc are source of entertainment.
Computer change the world into a global village .
Science has performed wonders in the field of medicine.Science is such a great blessing as has proved useful in every field of life.Now we think in a broader sense.





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