Strange animals and creatures on this planet | Axolotl | Part 1

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Axolotl! One of the coolest looking animals I've ever seen.

Axolotl or known as the Mexican Salamander, is also a relative of the Tiger Salamander.

The Axolotl is also called The Walking Fish, but this creature is no fish, The Axolotl is an Amphibian.

This Amphibian was first discovered in a lake in Mexico City, the lake is called Lake Xochimilco and is underlying Mexico City.

 Unusual fact about this Amphibian is that unlike most Amphibians the Axolotl will go through it's life up until adulthood without undergoing Metamorphosis.

And instead of going through Metamorphosis and growing longs so that it could go onto land, this Amphibian remains aquatic.

Defense Mechanism 

Strange enough this creature unlike any other has no Defense Mechanism, no teeth, no claws, no camouflage and no poison.

Axolotl Diet    

This Amphibian eat's anything!

Anything that it can fit in it's mouth it will swallow whole, they will typically eat incest's, brine shrimp, worm's, little fish and other salamanders if given the chance.

Life Cycle 

The Axolotl can live up till 10 - 15 years.

How can they survive so long with no defense ?

Simple they usually live deep in very cold places at the bottom of the lakes. 

And due to urbanization and pollution in Mexico in 2010 they have been near extinction.


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Made tattoo of salamander on one girl arm :) it was awesome :) ty for posting


I've seen some people with Axolotl tattoo's they look really good.