Nature in the city/ Natur in der Stadt

in nature •  2 years ago

Also in the city there is some nature to discover and experience

Auch in der Stadt gibt es Natur zu entdecken und zu erleben

Today I went out for a small hike into a zoological garden called "Lainzer Tiergarten" at the margin of Vienna. It was a sunny weather, perfect to relax and take some pictures :) Heute habe ich einen kleinen Spaziergang in einen Tiergarten (dem "Lainzer Tiergarten") am Rand von Wien gemacht. Es war schönes sonniges Wetter, perfekt zum relaxen und Fotos machen :)


European robin/ Rotkehlchen (Erithacus rubecula)












When you live in a city, find a place where you can enjoy and reconnect to nature ;)

Wenn ihr in einer Stadt lebt, findet einen Platz wo ihr die Natur genießen könnt und euch wieder mit ihr verbinden könnt ;)

reconnect to nature

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Nature makes me feel at ease, looking forward to your next posts :)


nice :) thank you I am glad that you like them ;)

In an age of skinny lattes and smart phones, it's important to retain our connection to nature and the world around us. Thanks for posting, upvoted & followed


you are so right ;) thank you very much for being so kind ;) enjoy your day! :)


I love nature. These pictures are so remarkable. Well done and keep up the good work.


thank you very much :) I am glad that you like them ;)


you are welcome.

nice pic..watching these make me feel so relax.. thanks;)


thank you very much :) I am glad that you like them and that they make you feel relaxed :) have a nice day! ;)

Beautiful photos! Agreed, finding these places when you live in a city is very important.


thank you :) enjoy your day! ;)

enjoy your work ...excellent ..!


thank you :)

Geat work my dear so I vote you


thank you so much :) That is very kind from you ;) enjoy your day! :)

Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing!


thank you very much :)

Thanks for sweet pics 👌

Been following you 😉


thank you very much :)

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Is that a cockroach on a leaf? Ugh! But also pretty!


yeah it is, but I guess it is a forest species ;) (not the one running around in houses and kitchens^^)


Maybe it is, but it's on a vacation :D


Das ist aber eine sehr idyllisch grüne Stadt!


Ja das stimmt, Wien hat schon was :)