Hot Secrets in the North

in #nature3 years ago

While there may be snow on the ground now, there are always a few places where you can go to warm up!

Thousands of travelers use the Alaska Highway each year to connect between mainland America and Alaska. While there are few places to stop along the way in the north, some places get overlooked. Take the Liard Hot Springs for example. There are a few signs and its likely mentioned in some travel books if you bothered to pick up any before you left for your trip, but the locals all know that it's the place to go anytime of the year.

A little off the main road and 980 feet down a long wooden path, lies a majestic pool of naturally hot water which flows from the ground all year round. Temperatures range from 108 to 126 °F and the area supports a wide variety of plan and animal life unique to the area.

While a popular stop during the summer months, the campground and boardwalk can be accessed for free during the off season winter months.

Many people claim to have had healing experiences from the sulfur water and seniors particularly enjoy the hot springs for easing sore muscles, arthritis, and achy joints. As many types of arthritis have been connected to bacteria infections, it makes sense that relief could come from soaking in the water as sulfur tends to kill bacteria. This is still in theory, but come and try for yourself...