Natural beauty of pakistan wow amazing

in nature •  2 years ago 

Some of us are never knows the beauty of pakistan. So this video is one them who show the beauty of pakistan accros the world.

This is the real beauty of pakistan.
I hope you like it. And encourage me.

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beautiful land but full of terrorists

No no Pakistan itself is not a terrorist county. Basically the creation of pakistan is based on the peace. But this is the one country who have number of enemy in the world. So those who hate pakistan invests in pakistan for terrorism to destroy pakistan. But pakistan stay on his position all time.
Pakistani peoples are peaceful people. Other people who are against pakistan want to destroy peace of pakistan and insults pakistan on world level.
And unfortunately they success in his goal.

But Pakistan never destroy
Because pakistan come into being on 14 August 1947
After passing many years pakistan stay on his place for the sake of Gos.
Today is the day 14 August the

Independence day of pakistan.

Long live pakistan.

And again pakistan is not a terrorist contry pakistan hate terrorism.

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