Treeplanter is not a bid-bot, so what is it?

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Hi friends,

As you might know I've been constantly helping @martin.mikes and @kedjom-keku organization with their blockchain and social platform project @treeplanter

What is @treeplanter?


Providing a daily report of the donations that were successfully upvoted.


There is a queue page where you can see if your donation is in the waiting queue.


You can send any amount as donation, if you provide a link in the memo, @treeplanter will try to give a 2 times donation worth vote. You can always send more than the maximum vote it will just be considered as part of donation.

  • It is not a bid-bot, meaning we will refund a donation that was not able to be voted.
  • It is not a immediately vote as there is a waiting list (We wish it was smaller)
  • Donations are used to plant trees and lease some SP to keep offering the service.
  • Your donation will be processed before payout of the post or comment, if it was not able to perform vote donation will be automatically refunded.
  • Daily report of the performed donations.
  • Weekly report every Sunday.
  • Monthly report, last day of the month.

We expect donations to be shared with others and not self-votes.
I'm the developer of @treeplanter but I try to constantly communicate with @martin.mikes which sometimes is hard to reach because Cameroon situation (war, civil war, poor internet connection).

I am sorry if you are feeling upset for not getting the upvote immediately but we are doing our best to provide a solid donation and fundraising platform.

Please contact me for any inconveniences but please take into consideration this is just a hobby project and I cannot be here 24/7.

Thanks for your patience and let's keep planting more trees out kids will thank us for this.


I 💘 what you're doing. I received a generous pledge, thanks to @cae, which is how I learned about @treeplanter.

Looking forward to helping plant more trees with your help, @raserrano.

Thank you very much for planting more trees with us :)

hello, when i get upvote?

Hi you can see the current queue here:
Do not worry you will get your vote eventually and if its not possible before post payout you will be refunded. Thanks for helping us plant more trees.

get it thanks :)

Cool project!
I'm very interested in biology and botany and am raising a few trees and plants.
So are there some stories/ pictures of actual planted trees upcoming?
very curious greetings from germany ;)

Yeah I've been trying to get @martin.mikes to get them ready as soon as possible but he's been to busy with the tree nursery at the moment I hope he can make a post soon.

Appreciate the update and your hard work. Let’s plant some more trees, when it’s done “napping” of course!

Excellent! I appreciate your explanation and as a nature lover love the idea! Following you and will check out @treeplanter! More trees please :)

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