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Many of my followers ask me "when are you going to post something. Some are interested in flowers/gardening, while others are interested in wildlife video clips. Some are interested in both. Today wildlife video clips will be my choice of the day. As our snow melts I am gearing up to get my cameras back out into the hills to see what I can capture on video.

Someone asked me questions about predators in my area. We have bear, wolves (periodically), mountain lion (cougar) and coyotes. I have seen mostly coyotes and was able to get the following clip on my game camera: (as in the past you need to click each link I am sharing to see the video clip)


Some people in my area view coyotes as a nuance and that they need to be eradicated. Myself I really have not had issues with my chickens or dogs, like some people say. I view them as a necessary to help keep balance in nature. They thin out the week and sick animals, and keep rabbits under control.

Next up is a young yearling whitetail buck who is a little full of himself for such a youngster ( I had left some apples for the deer and elk):



He should grow into a fine mature buck with an attitude!

Next up is a nice daylight clip of a doe and a young one born in the spring:


This last one is after dark and he has been a celebrity on previous clips. He is one of 3 fairly large whitetail bucks in my area. I am sharing this because this location is just out my back door. There were clips of several bucks and couple of does this night. He is probably 50 paces from my house. This big one kept coming back in forcing the others to move out.


I will try my best to post something else this weekend. I am not sure if it will be flowers/gardening or maybe some photographs from my cruise to Mexico two years ago. Once I post something it takes a while to stay up on all of your replies, therefore there are delays in posting again.

I appreciate everyone who up-votes and comments on my posts. Many share photos which I believe can add to my post. In the event your reply is missed it is not intentional. Thank you very much for your support!
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This is one of the greatest gift to me! I am crazy about that! Thank you! I will make a single video by using those lips and send back to you probably in 3 days of time!


Thank you. That would be nice

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Wonderful video clips

Beautiful capture in your camera and they are looking so cute.
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Glad you liked it

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These pictures are beautiful and lovely... I truly love seeing this kinda things, thanks for feeding my eyes with these amazing beauties...thanks for sharing....

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My wife loves elephants. She collects figurines and more. I bought her a elephant tea pot from someone in Indonesia. It has a Buddha riding it. It is prettier than I expected and she loves it.

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Hi, Sir @r2cornell I'm interested in both, the wildlife clips and your flower photography. You are blessed with wolves, mountain lion and coyotes in your area. I'm going to watching all of the five videos on Dropbox. :)

Thank you @ikrahch! I am glad to hear you are interested in both.

nice post. @r2cornell:-) you are a great soul.

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you have great passion for nature.....love you so much........

I always be interested in flower photography as you can see I always posted my own flower photography but I didn't have in experience with wild life. :) So, thanks for sharing

Yes you takes some wonderful floral photographs! Glad you liked these video clips

nature gives us happy moment....
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god blesss you

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wow! excellent photography!

wow!! that's cOol in YOur Country many bear, wolves, mountain, lion cougar and coyOtes, that's sOooOOo wOnderfull.
When I've a Golden Chance in my life I must vist yOur Home Town #Robert!
GOD Bless yOu!! :)

Thank you! glad you enjoyed. This area is very beautiful. I was traveling across country to go to Seattle to do my Internship for my Master's Degree and stopped in a near by town. I fell in love with the area and have been here for around 37 years. Never get tired of it.

nice post.
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I had been watching these two from my blind and was happy when they came through when it was daylight. This doe is smart and she knows when I am out in the hills. I have seen her the last couple of years. She usually has twins. She can know where I am at at a 100 paces. She likes stomping her foot and bleating at me.

love to read it. I likes your post.

its Amazing sir @r2cornell it is astonishing to see that you have been seeing for years 🦌🦌🦌🦌🙂😍

No matter how often i see wildlife i am still amazed

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These pictures are beautiful and lovely... I truly love seeing this kinda things, thanks for feeding my eyes with these amazing beauties...thanks for sharing....

Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed

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Hello @r2cornell,

Extraordinary good nature videos of elks & other animals in your area. Incredible capture & your ability of photography also incredible. Keep it up.


nice photography and i know you are a lover of nature... i like your thinking and your post always best... best of luck...

Thank you very much.

I have seen this clip before. A yearly elk playing in water.

i like it very much sir..
will you?

owo really i love this video sir @r2cornel
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Screenshot-2018-2-4 Coote dailight AVI.png

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Thank you! I am hoping to capture other animals on my game camera. Moose have been spotted behind my place and my son-in-law sent me a photo of a bear paw print

you are great heart......love you so much

can i see your bear who sent bu your son and law?

It is a paw print of a bear. It was in their yard which is right behind my place.

20180130_145518 (1).jpeg

The print on the left is my son-in-laws footprint, and the bear paw print on right. It is not the clearest but you should be able to make it out.

glad to see the bear paw print and son in law footprint it much closer..... i think sir you are more interested in flower and wildlife too?

fabulous one....I likes your post.
thanks for sharing

exciting moment!
Screenshot (7).png
thank you sir

My heart skipped a beat when I downloaded this.

Wonderful video clips all! Inspier me for you! Great post!
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Thank you

I love wildlife

greet photography

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I always love wildlife and flower photography and I am glad that you post another video of wildlife.

Thank you sir @rncornell and have a great day.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

This is one of the greatest gift to me! I am crazy about that! Thank you! I will make a single video by using those lips and send back to you probably in 3 days of time!


Definitely I really loved to wild lifers also I've been to see wild adventures if I have free time. Good to see your every talent post @r2cornell.

@r2cornell, I appreciate all of your effort to provide steemit platform with blogging and help to minnows. I've seen your past post it has lot of attraction. Gardening and flowers indeed nature. Nature anytime beautiful. Wild-life also indeed nature. I like to see wild lifers captures indeed blog. In my country I've been "Yala" forest and stay most night to watch wild-lifers activities. I saw leopard and bears but unfortunately couldn't take captures those days with massive darkness. I have uploaded 02 blog yet and trying to do more blogging of nature coz I really love nature.

thank you sir ..for sharing your valuable and your interested post..
outstanding photography
with nature

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