Natures Equilibrium & Artificial Systems

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Hypothesis: Heat falls, Cold Rises & Water is used by Nature, to strive for an Equilibrium.


Natural Systems have been severely disrupted by Artificial Systems that alter the available resources of Nature altering the equilibrium changing the Nature of Water Cycles. I do not believe that Co2 levels nor methane in the atmosphere are the causes of changes observed in the world in recent history. I believe it has everything to do with the industry of Compressed Gases, bottled water & all other instances of closed systems that remove things from the atmosphere altering the composition therefore the path of nature.


The industrial revolution taking place right now is most likely going to trend towards alternative electrical generators decreasing the instances of fossil fuel use while improving efficiency of any continued use & increasing productivity until it is realized that storms are still getting worse regardless of how much we thought we had done for the environment relative to our production of gases that enter the atmosphere. I would propose that a far more significant factor of our environment getting hotter is the compression and storage of gases from the atmosphere & pumping heat out of the ground.


The fact that hot air rises is as obvious to me as anyone who has placed their hand above something burning but this does not necessarily mean that heat rises, in fact the opposite is observed you only need to look at volcanoes & for cold rising look to the mountains. vvvvvvvvv Pictured is Mt. St. Helens, A volcano with snow on top of it. vvvvvvvvv


Bottled water is a tragedy for the Environment as it is key to allowing heat to descend from the atmosphere back into the earth, forest fires and the melting of ice is a natural response to aid in balancing the forces of hot and cold. Systems that isolate water ought to be engineered to allow for constant flow through the system while exposing the water to air as much as possible. One could argue that humans/animals themselves take water themselves making it an argument for population control but this is simply not true, we are not closed systems. The fact that we sweat out water to cool the air around our bodies is supportive of the hypothesis, suggesting we should design open constant flowing systems everywhere we can & minimize the amount of stored water. The ice will still melt naturally to compensate for the water that is necessary to remain in each one of us but not nearly as fast. I imagine it would be cheaper to have flowing systems than systems under great pressure but either way it would be better for all of us.


Eventually we should be able to figure out what is necessary to the natural systems aiding in Nature's cleansing processes instead of disrupting them, optimizing temperatures, minimizing extreme weather or anything else relative to sustaining our advanced lifestyles.


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