The incredible function of sunlight to living things.

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Amazingly, the importance of sunlight is so exceptionally wonderful. It provides light as well contribute to food manufacture in plants.
However, green plants do trap sunlight with their green pigments called chlorophyll and do absorb Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, water in order to manufacture their own food in the process known as photosynthesis to produce a by product Oxygen.

As such, all living things do breathe in Oxygen and send out Carbon dioxide as a waste product.
Also, plants under broad canopies of bigger trees for example will equally compete for this source of light and failure to obtain it they became etiolated and some gradually die off.

This means therefore that if there is no sunlight, the manufacture of Oxygen by plants will cease and also if there is sunlight but no green vegetation or plants, then Carbon dioxide will not be converted into Oxygen required by all living things and this is amazingly wonderful.

This is however to draw our attention to the fact that life is a chain and there is every need for us to effectively manage all ecosystems in a sustainable manner by being always conscious of our various activities.

It also helps to facilitate transpiration in plants as well vaporization of water from lakes, oceans, rivers which finally condenses and fall back to the atmosphere as rain.

It equally is been used in solar technology to provide energy in households for various thus the underlying importance of sunlight. Planting of trees will equally contribute in reducing the Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere thereby mitigating the effects of warming, droughts, desertification etc.
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